Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 52 ~ Year End


I can't believe that it is already the end of our school year. We will break for 2 weeks and start back up September 3rd. 

I haven't been able to post the last few weeks just simply because I've been tired, busy and behind!

Zachary has been busy with refreshing some basic math skills at this time. He has been enjoying the Kindle Fire games that we have helping with telling time.

 I can't honestly believe how easy he is learning his language. We started Growing With Grammar in January so that is why we haven't finished that up for our year (which remember we do school year round). He is learning pronouns right now and has done great. Luckily this week we finished a review so it was a great stopping point for 2 weeks until our new school year.

 Lexi taught us one day about Dragonflies and this was his page about what we learned. Love his drawing!

I have to brag brag brag on Zachary for finishing ABeCeDarian's Reading Program book A-2!!! Congrats Buddy! I can't brag enough on the way ABeCeDarian's program teaches! He loves it & I love it and it just is a great fit for him. I prayed and prayed that something would finally click and I am so thankful it finally did with this curriculum. Read about it in more detail here.

We just finished up a unit study on Airplanes! He had a ton of fun. Here he is notebooking about his favorite place which just happens to be one of the coolest - A Boat Plane. He was using the Kindle Fire to help with his drawing.

Lexi has been having a ton of fun learning all kind of things. She is my creative one and the one that is pleasing to teach because she just adores anything. I'm so lucky!

Here is the day she taught us about Dragonflies! I loved it and she had a blast with it.

Multiplication is coming easier to her. You can see she has been working hard at it with several fun activities to keep her interest.

She finished her large chapter book about Tinkerbell. She has already started on another! 

Working on Geography. We have came to a stopping point by learning about The Middle East. She is also wearing her necklace from our review of Global Art which you can read about here.

She has took more interest in helping me cook so she was in charge of learning to make Deviled Eggs. I have to say she done great with some teaching from me. She should be able to make them by her self next time!

She is enjoying our Bible study time and I bought her a new highlighter that doesn't bleed through her pages so she is set to go for now!

Kyle is my main man. Anything I need I just have to ask him because he will do it. I love how he is growing up but at the same time I'm sad that he's not my baby anymore. Monday he will turn the big 1 - 3 !!! ((YIKES)) Finally a teenager... Can't believe it.

He has personally took a big interest in this newest review item that I haven't blogged about yet. This is from Doorpost and I will post more about it soon.

 He has been working hard on indirect objects and diagramming sentences. He actually really enjoys diagramming the sentences and I have to say I can't remember ever doing this in school!! 

Here is just some pictures from here and there.

Playing Hang Man.

 Playing Blokus! A new family favorite!

 Isn't this just the sweetest card! I love it when she surprises me with sweet notes. I have started returning the favor because if I love them I know she does too!

Alexis and I have learned to play marbles with the marbles that Aunt Kathy gave us!

Zachary was working in the garden and came with this fun dude!! A Praying Mantis!

 Last is Daddy doing his schoolwork. Since I haven't posted personal stuff lately you don't have a clue what I'm talking about it -- BUT Kevin has started Bible Collage and is doing great!

I ask that you keep my family in your prayers. God knows all the details!!


  1. Look how happy they are to start school! That is a blessing!

  2. What apps do you use on the Kindle Fire to teach telling time? My 4th grader still has a hard time with this skill so we would love the extra practice in a fun way!


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