Friday, August 2, 2013

What Worked & What Didn't 2012/2013

Since we homeschool year round we do things a little different than others. Our school year is wrapping up at the end of July. We will take our normal 2 week break and start our new school year for 2013/2014's school year.

I always love looking back on our years, however this year I still fill incomplete. Moving really put a huge difference on everything. This was our first full year in our new home (July 2nd was 1 year) and it has been challenging but has worked out well in the end.

The Good:

Growing with Grammar ~ For years I have searched for something that would help me teach language to my kids and finally in January I took the dive and bought yet another curriculum... To my huge surprise this is the one I had been waiting to find!! All 3 kids are using this and have since January with much success. Kyle is using level 7, Lexi level 3 and Zachary level 1. THIS WILL BE SOMETHING WE KEEP!

Math U See ~ We have been MUS lovers for almost 5 years now. Sometimes we use extra items to help teach concepts that aren't within but nothing that has caused any issue. 

Christian Kids Explore ~ This year was our first year using CKE. We started with Biology and I was only using it with Kyle but after the smaller kids really enjoying what he was talking about and doing we kind of through the other two in the mix and it worked wonderful! We finished this book almost 3 weeks ago and we already have Chemistry in our hands to start in September. 

Here is a peek into a fun unit we had near the end of the book about Sharks with video!

ABeCeDarian - This was a review item that I am so beyond glad that I got to try! Zachary had been having so many issues with All About Reading that I had finally just stopped using it. It was just to much for him. It had to much going on to keep his attention focused on just reading. Sorry but that's just the truth in our household. I love All About Spelling but All About Reading wasn't a good fit for him. ABeCeDarian has been huge in our home. He is happy to do reading time and is learning! He finally is picking up books like Bob The Builder readers and taking them to my bed and reading! Never would I have thought it would happen and I am so beyond blessed that this program found me! If your having issues like me please check them out. We are purchasing the next level C & D for the other kids to use as well.

Please read the review here & you can see some silly faces while Zachary was having fun!

RoadTrip USA ~ We have been working on this for way longer than we should! We will have this finished by Thanksgiving. My younger two kids have really enjoyed learning all the fun facts and interesting history behind the states. Kyle already knew the capitals and has still enjoyed the fun facts too!

Memoria Press Geography ~ Now this is something my oldest son really has enjoyed. This too was a review item but in reviewing this we found out what other great products they offer. We will be continuing on with this once Geography 1 is complete. Read our review here.

 The Stuff That Didn't Work:

All About Reading ~ This is hard to say simply because we have used All About Spelling for 4 years with huge success. When it came to teaching Zachary reading this proved hard. He can't keep his attention on anything that has color or pictures - its simply to busy for him. This just wasn't a good fit for his learning needs.

Horizon's Math ~ Well this one isn't funny. I loved it but the kids didn't do that well with it. We use MUS of course and I tried to supplement with Horizons and the kids done great at first but then begged for MUS back. Half of the books got complete and I sold them last month. Done with this...

The Schoolhouse Review crew really helped us find some wonderful publishers this year that fit into our learning style.

I will be posting our curriculum choices for 2013/2014 next week!



  1. Loved reading your recap!! I'm always curious about year round homeschoolers. What exactly does that mean for your family?

  2. We are starting Road Trip USA this year. I am so excited, and my kids are, too! And I agree, the Crew has helped us find some great products that I, frankly, would not have taken the plunge to purchase ... and some I had never even heard of ... Math U See, WriteShop Primary ... and the advice of other crew members helps us find other great products, as well ... Soaring with Spelling.

    Even with the couple of missteps, looks like you had a great year. We, too, are on our two-week break and start our "new year" on August 14th.


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