Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Break Week 2 - Not Back To School

We are still on our 2 week break however our county public school started school Monday so we had our Annual Not Back To School Day!

Each year we try to celebrate with fun activities just to enjoy our freedom to homeschool! 

This year we chose to go to a State Park we had been trying to get to for a year. We had a blast!!

 Started out our celebration with Chocolate & Wildberry Pancakes. Can't celebrate without candles!

 Finding some really colorful leaves already!

 Zachary is showing me how this looks like a Dinosaur print!

 Daddy was talking about how and why this tree was growing in the middle of this massive rock.

On top of the Summit. It nearly killed us(me) but we made it to the very top! Took us almost 4 hours to hike all around the loop but we had so much fun talking.

 Zachary sat down and this was what he saw...

 This picture is back at the bottom of the Summit but it really does  no justice for the height. Beautiful. It was wonderful to look up and know that we had been there.

 Walking to the Lower Falls. This was the reason we came! To slide down the waterfall rock and enjoy some fun, cool mountain times.

 Dry and ready to hike out. I was soaked and cold after getting in and sliding down several times. I did almost chicken out but my lovely husband had my back - Literally he pushed me down the rock because I was thinking of getting up! Thanks honey.

 This was the Large Falls and it was beautiful to look at.

 No we didn't slide down that rock! It was a different one!



  1. That looks so fun!! Glad you guys had a great day! What a way to kick off the school year.

  2. my son says "neat spider"

    Annette @ a net in time

  3. Wow that looks like an amazing place. I love all the different markings and my favorite to see was the waterfalls. How fun that you could slide down the rock. Not sure I could brave myself to do it but my kids and hubby would in a heart beat. Looks like you all had a great time.


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