Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Children & Hobbies

My kids have each took opportunities at different points in time to discover hobbies. I love it when they do this because it helps teach them new skills and it always keeps me on my toes!

Alexis is normally my crafty child. She has made and sold toboggans & scarfs many times.

The boys haven't really ever took it upon themselves to make a hobby out of much but they always are eager to help Alexis when she dreams up these schemes.

For the last several weeks I have watched her make bracelets and necklaces so much so that I took her and bought her some new beads to help her with her collection. Thanks to her older cousin for the awesome collection that she handed down which was what got her started a while back.

For the last couple weeks I have watched my kids set up a "store" in my front yard. Take note that we have only been in our home for a year and we don't know a lot of our neighbors and that we do not have a lot of traffic AT ALL!

Yes that is Chickens ~ We have nothing that isn't a pet!

My oldest helps her set up my canopy that I used to use in my candle shows. Then they go and get the table from down stairs and then my chairs on my side porch. 

It was very hot and so Kyle went and got Lexi a fan and drop cord. 

Here are some of her creations. 

I love that she wants to do this. 

I am proud of the team work that I see in my children. She has made about $16 and she split it with the boys because of the help they have given to her daily for setting up. I didn't ask her to give them money - I have actually stayed out of all of this and let her handle it all but in moments like this it's when all the "mommy stuff" pays off. It's like I finally get to see some of my fruit getting ripe and it makes my heart so full of happiness. I am thankful to see this in my children.

Kyle has decided he would like to learn how to make parachute bracelets and after our trip to buy beads he found a set with directions on how to make them and the stuff that he needed, so guess what? I had to buy that and Kyle has enjoyed making a few so far. The first one was a gift for his Uncle Andy.

Now Zachary is asking for help finding a hobby!!??!!!

I am thinking I may have to research this one! He loves to build and cook so I am on the look out for something that will interest him.

Do your kids have hobbies?

 If so please comment and let me know what they are!



  1. How awesome that she is sharing her earnings! My 6 year old is still really into LEGO, and he wants to learn woodworking. Husband takes the boys to the free Home Depot classes, but my son now wants to build a play house. I think they're going to try to build a doll house for sister's first birthday!

    Have you checked out DIY.org? There are many "skills" that are based around different hobbies. Probably something there for all of your kids!

  2. LOve it! Ds13 is currently reading Microbusiness for Teens by Carol Topp- sounds like something your dd would love!

  3. My boys love creating music! My oldest even put out an ambient album on iTunes. :)http://autumnfawngirl.blogspot.com/2013/09/y-is-for-youth-entrepreneur.html


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