Saturday, September 21, 2013

Easy & Fun Circle Art Project

I actually saw this project on The Moffatt Girls Blog and loved the look and ease of it so I can't take credit for the project but I can show you how much fun we had doing it!

Here are the supplies that we used:

A circle bowl or rim of a cup
Black Tempera Paint

Since I had all of that on hand I knew the next day that Mattie came over for school we would do this project. See, that girl loves to paint with anything actually she just loves to be busy so I knew that she would enjoy this. 

At first Kyle didn't want to do it but then I asked him to start it for me so that I could do one but he enjoyed his self so much I didn't get to do one besides helping Mattie some.

Gather your supplies and lay something down on the table because you don't want to worry about your surface while doing an art project! We used old towels.

Go nuts with the circles. I couldn't get my guys to really go as circle crazy as Annie was able to get her girls too.
After everyone had finished the circles I got out the hair dryer and allowed everyone to dry their pieces because we didn't really want to wait for the black to dry. After just a few minutes everyone was ready to start painting with watercolors!

And your finished!



  1. Love IT!!!! " Go nuts with circles." :)

  2. Thank you for sharing! My kids will love this one!

  3. These look amazing! My girls love to do any type of art project! Thanks for sharing, this project will be added to the list!

  4. What a great project! Adding this to my list of.. someday! :D

  5. This is such a super cool project. Loved how they all came out (adding it my arty girls projects for this week ; )!

  6. What a neat project! I guess I missed this one when Annie posted it! Alyssa would get a kick out of doing it! Thank you for posting your creations!


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