Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Field Trip - Catawba Science Center

Friday was a great day to get out and explore. Originally, last week would have been our first week of school and the plan was to finish with a cool field trip. After the issues Lexi had at the beginning of the week we decided to just wait until Monday for our new school year. 

Since she done very well after Wednesday, we decided we where still up for our trip.

 Here are some fun pictures of our day!

 Getting started at the Science Center. I love these guys!

 The boys did this pose as well but didn't allow me to take a picture!

 Amazon Pond!

 I love Starfish and Mattie loved them too!

At the wade pool being able to pet and touch some of the animals. The guide allowed us to look and learn a little closer at the Horse Shoe Crab.

 The Seahorses are always my personal favorite.

 Exploring Fossils and Bones.

 Mattie was putting on a play for Granny.

 Lexi about died over this puppet! I must try to find her one. It was 3 birdies in a nest.

The boys played with the Gravity Maze Wall. They played with this a little to get the ball to go down right.

 Granny & Kyle looking through the Microscopes.

 Lexi was learning differences between Mars & Earth.

This was the Rope Maze and was Kyle's favorite thing throughout the entire center! He done several different mazes!

However Mattie was hilarious because she got just a few steps and said " This isn't my thang!" I laughed and got so tickled and then she begged Kyle to get her out!


 (This is me) Yes, Even Momma played!

 Kyle didn't play in the Moon Sand but decided to build something with Pipes.

 Mattie loved the Fox pelt. She loved how soft it was.

 Lexi wanted to bring that home!!

 Granny playing with the Gravity Balls.

 Granny & Kyle racing on the Pulley Chairs.

 I love love love making the balls float!

 Kyle was experimenting with how much energy he had to use to make a fan, tv and light work.

 The End!

Before we came home we went to eat together and enjoyed the time together greatly!


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