Monday, September 30, 2013

Line Art Project ~ Easy & Fun

This project was one I found on Pinterest!

I've been searching for simple projects to do with the kids at least once a week. Last week we had a ton of fun with our Circle Art Project and this week wasn't any different.

Line Art

The supplies are some you probably always have on hand, at least I know I have a large supply and knew that I needed to use some of it up for something fun.

See you have those supplies, Don't you? 

The construction paper is the only thing you have to prepare for this, just take some colors and make different sizes of lines. Easy and it didn't take me over 3 minutes.

Onto making your art piece; Just pick colors of the construction paper and glue one end down and either twist or curl and glue the other end somewhere else! My guys had a lot of fun making "roller coasters!" That's what they called this. 

Zachary had fun gluing several of the longer lines once on the ends and then in the middle like a mountain he said. 

Kyle didn't understand why this was art and so we talked about how different techniques are applied and that honestly anything was art.

 Once complete you have a neat looking art project that is unique in design and just yours!



  1. I love that idea! What a great project and one that all of my kids could do! I'm saving this idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love what the kids did for the line art class. Great visual as well.

  3. We've never tried circle art before.

  4. What a fun, simple art project. I need to put this on our list for Monday Art!

  5. I think my Supergirl would love to do this! I have lots of construction paper so she could do this seasonally with different colors!


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