Monday, September 2, 2013

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again! { Review }

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I recently was able to review a really cute board book for my smallest son. Zachary is 8 and this book is recommended for ages 3 - 8 so he was a great fit for it. Greene Bark Press is a family owned company that publishes children's books that are different, original and colorful!

The book Zachary and I received was Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again by Ginger Pate. One of the first things I personally thought about the book was "What awesome bright colors!" It was eye drawing for me. 

Zachary loves to be read too! It's something that we do during the middle of our day and again at night before bed. We snuggle and cuddle and it is just wonderful memories for us both. 

With this book I had a chance to educate him about safety when crossing the road but in a very fun engaging way. We live out in the country and have always been so when we go into town we don't normally cross streets; we pull into the parking lot and get out to go into our place of business. So this was a good opportunity to make sure he understood the importance of crossing the road in town.

This book is about a little Duck Wally that wants to send his grandmother a birthday card but he had to make it to town first! That's where the trouble starts. He didn't know how to cross the road safely. With the help of his mother to guide him along he learns how to cross streets safely and is able to finally make his way to grandmothers by himself!

Both Zachary and I loved the colorful pictures within this book. It keep his attention and that's something that is actually hard to do! He loved all the fun animals throughout the book. He laughed out loud when we got to the fire truck zooming by and it had a snake in a firemen uniform - Loved it.

This book is a wonderful book to add to your collection and at $8.50 plus shipping it's very reasonably priced.

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