Friday, September 27, 2013

Pre K Weekly Wrap 2 & 3

Mattie is really enjoying her time with us every week. She has done really good and the last few times I can see where I can start working with her more in certain areas.

 Here she is just being silly before we get started for the morning. Zac, Lexi and her were playing rodeo! 

 We have still been using our "Pond" study and we wrapped that up yesterday. October will have a new theme.

This unit has had sounds, numbers, counting, tracing and much more.

 Here she is sorting sizes of fish into groups.

 She loves playing with my pattern blocks. After she finishes the picture she is working on we always go over each shape.

 Confessions of a Homeschoolers writing practice for numbers has been great for her.

 Here was last weeks art project and she really loved it. You can read about the directions here.

 Time to play outside! Yes that's school too!

 She sat in with us on our Mystery of History lesson this week about Dinosaurs. While I read and talked to the kids she had a Dinosaur coloring sheet and then we went to identify some for ourselves. 

 Onto figuring out some sounds. She does good with this and then tracing.

 Zachary had a break and played Memory with her.

 Then onto our art project this week which I will be posting directions for soon.

Hope your week with your Preschoolers have been awesome!


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