Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School Rescheduled

Today was suppose to have been our first day back for our school year however after all the plans and talking it up - it didn't happen.

Going to bed the kids and I had great talks about all the plans for the following morning but about midnight Lexi came into my bedroom complaining about her stomach hurting. I got up and spoke with her about it and just gave her some tummy stuff and got her back in the bed. 

About 5 o'clock I heard something strange and got up to find her in a very odd position on the couch crying and moaning. I panicked a little and immediately checked her for a fever. I asked her if she had thrown up or had bathroom problems and she said no.

I was a little confused about what the issue was and went to wake my husband up to come look in on her. She moaned and cried and begged us not to move her she was hurting to badly. She then started begging to go to the Dr.

My husband had to hurry and call into work to take a vacation day. Then he took her to the E.R. I had to stay at home with the boys and Mattie that had stayed all night. If you remember I also posted yesterday about babysitting my cousins baby so I had to stay home.

He stayed up there with her for almost 4 and a half hours. Testing didn't show anything really out of the normal but they wondered if it was her appendix. They didn't want to expose her to radiation and asked us to follow up on her in several hours with her normal Dr. They gave her a small dosage of morphine (which I about panicked over) because of the pain she was in. It made her a little sick but seemed to take the pain away.

The Dr appointment went well however she still had a lot of pain in her stomach and tenderness and they said they would like us to still wait and see with her. Only time would tell if it was her appendix.

School didn't start today. We have another start date for Monday. Please pray for my Lexi-poo.



  1. Try not to stress over the morphine too much. It's a quicker, more natural substance than Tylenol or some of the other pain-killers. Hope she feels all better soon!

  2. Poor thing! We will pray for your sweet daughter (and you and your hubby...I am sure you are both exhausted too)!

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about her health problems. Sending your entire family hugs and prayers for an answer and speedy recovery :-)

  4. We will keep all of you in our prayers. My son has had morphine. I see it as an indication of the level of pain he was in and I took comfort in the relief it gave him.


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