Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 3

I can't believe we have already been doing school for 3 weeks. Last week was such a nutty week it honestly didn't feel much like a school week however this week has been loaded with fun and learning. 

Our history this week has been fun, I can't brag enough about Mystery of History! The kids love it and I enjoy the extra activities that go along with our lessons. 

One lesson this week was about the Ice Age and that explains the ice cube on their belly! It was a contest to see who could survive the Ice Age longest! It was so funny - They screamed like girls and had a ton of fun but NO ONE would give up and after almost 10 minutes I called a truce!

The other lesson that was awesome this week was about Dinosaurs. As many of you know Zachary my smallest loves everything Dinosaur which is why you see so many resources that I could add to this lesson. After we read and discussed our lesson I had the kids (Mattie was here that day and loved this) sort and find the Dinosaurs that matched the flash cards. Now some of the Dinosaurs we didn't have in toy form but a lot of them we actually did. This was a lot of fun and my kids enjoyed the Mystery of History lessons this week!

Kyle had a little trouble with his math this week but after daddy helped him he was ready to go. We had a lot of fun with his Growing With Grammar this week because we started adding in adjectives to his sentence diagramming.


Here he is working on his All About Spelling on the sounds of /e/ and /ea/.

 Zachary had a very busy and productive week as well. He finally has all his phonograms correct and he was able to move on to All About Spelling Level 1 Step 2!!! Happy Happy!

Alexis done a lot too - Seriously this week was wonderful. Her new favorite is Mystery of History. She finished up All About Spelling Level 3 last week and so we moved right on into Level 4 and she is doing wonderful. We are doing spelling 3 times a week. She has been practicing piano a lot this week. I asked them to please try to practice at least 20 minutes daily and she sure has. She has actually even moved this in her room several times and played longer. Last but not least look at her beautiful scarf she finished this week. It's navy blue and she done wonderful. This was our first one and it was easy for her. She is actually finishing a cute tye dye mini toboggan right now for her dolls.

 We really got a lot accomplished this week and of course this isn't all we completed but this is my highlights!
All history topics are really working out I am kind of sad to think about all the fun we are having coming to an end in February to change over to science! We have a read aloud that is a review item that we are loving! My daughter loves George Washington so this was a great review for us - Look for the review soon!


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  1. Awesome week! LOL at the ice cube on the belly! We just started diagramming sentences and it is pretty fun!


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