Monday, October 7, 2013

Mystery of History - Fun so far!

We loved Mystery of History a few years ago but when I was trying to do it only Kyle was getting the fun out of it because the other two where still to small. I should have kept on with just Kyle but I didn't and I sure wish I would have but you know how that goes.

We have picked it up again and we are all in love all over again!

Here is some of our fun so far. We have been doing it 4 weeks so this is only 4 weeks worth of fun!

 #1 you have the covers of our Mystery of History notebooks. Everyone has their own and I gave the first 10 lesson titles to them to give them some ideas to help them with what to place on their cover. Kyle drew Noah's Ark, Alexis drew Jacob's coat of many colors and Zachary drew Stonehenge. 

#2 is illustrations of each of my children by my children. This lesson was about Adam and Eve and how each of us are made in the image of God. I loved seeing how they look at themselves.

#3 has been the biggest fun so far. My kids loved this so much we spent over 20 minutes on the "ice age challenge." Here's why - No one wanted to give up so after the first 10 minutes they begged for me to put more ice on them to see who would give. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't say yes in the name of learning?? 

I love Kyle's face ------->

Next up was Dinosaurs which just happens to be a huge thing in our house. Zachary my smallest son is in love with any Dinosaur at all anything that he can learn about them he enjoys. After our lesson from within the Mystery of History book I got out the new awesome Dinosaur flash cards I had bought and gave to Zac the first day of school. Then I had the kids gather all the Dinosaurs we had in the house so we could find the Dinos!

This lesson was on the Sumerians. We actually had some knowledge of the topics talked about in this lesson so it was a quick over view then on to some fun building a Ziggurat/Pyramid. We talked about how in ancient times they used sun baked clay for bricks! 

We have had a ton of fun with Mystery of History so far and we plan for nothing to change! The only thing I have been a slacker with is our timeline, we have actually never had one and I have read what to do just needed the extra time to do it. This will be getting done this weekend!