Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Night Fun

Kevin has been on vacation for 2 weeks and goes back to work Friday. While he was off I had several items to get checked off and I am so happy to say he has helped me greatly this week. I've completed several tasks and he has helped with school, chores and extras! 

This is one of the extras! 

I had been asking for a fire pit but honestly we didn't have the extra $100 to go out and buy one. So after looking on line for directions and seeing that we actually had everything we needed except sand - we dug into making it (well he dug into making it for me).

He dug the hole then we placed old brick from the old flower bed we knocked out when we moved in around the border. Then we had some cement borders that I wanted to use at the top just to make sure no one would get to close to the fire. 

We bought sand at Lowe's for $3.49 and it didn't even take the full 50 lb bag. We spread all the sand around the bricks and on the bottom. Now it was safe and we couldn't wait to use it!!

Marshmallows and hot dogs are the best when over a nice warm fire while talking, laughing and loving your family! Family time is a priority for us and this will help us have a new way of getting it.


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