Thursday, October 31, 2013

Project Genius Light Kit - EEME { Review }

EEME provide science kits for children to have hands on learning. These kits help with creativity, curiosity and communication. Jack is the founder of EEME and when his child was born he saw a need for educational toys that would help involve hands on play with a deeper knowledge of why things work the way they do and the how explained.

What did we get?

We received one physical Project Genius Light Kit. This kit is for ages 7 - 12. This is the first project in the subscription phase. The kits come with everything you need so no dash for anything - You can start the day it comes!
How we used it?

My husband worked on this with my boys while I was gone with Lexi to gymnastics one night. Kyle is 13 and Zachary is 8. Kevin registered online to be able to enter in the website to watch the videos. The boys started out by watching videos online at EEME with Kevin. 

There were several videos to go through for each step for the process of getting the LED light together. The videos are each different amounts of time taking almost an hour in total from start to finish. In each video he explained the different routes of electric current and how to connect them. 

At the end of some of the videos there would be questions asking to see if you were understanding how the current was traveling and the negative and positive connections (just for example) and then you would have 3 choices to see if you had really been able to understand the process. If you were incorrect it told you it would give you another chance.

The photo resistor made the kit more interesting by using the dependence or absence of light in the room to either brighten or dim the LED light bulb. They played with the lighting in the room to test out the impact of the resistor on the kit.

Our thoughts?

Kyle really enjoyed the hands on approach but Zachary got bored with all the videos and didn't really comprehend it well.

The videos where confusing for the kids because the connecter wires were different colors in the videos than in the kit we received.

Almost every step he stated that it would help to have an adults help with connecting the wires, which actually got on the boys nerves and they repeated it for him most times. Although, the kits are intended for the parent to help!

The bread box has numbers and letters on it and for each step he guides you through a number and letter to place the wires in but the letters and numbers are extremely hard to see on our kit. 

Overall the kit was interesting and very informative. Kevin (hubby) and Kyle learned a lot from it and enjoyed spending the time putting it together, while Zachary wanted to go play instead of helping. We may actually consider getting the next month's subscription at some point because Kyle loves hands on projects like this!

How Much?

EEME is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. The monthly fee is $18.95. Each month you will receive one kit to your doorstep, you can look here for more information on the kits to follow the first month.  They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee refund so you feel safe about getting started with their company and product.


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