Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 5

Week 5 has been loaded with lots of activities because Daddy has been on a vacation. We have only focused on history, math and grammar while he has been off. It's so hard to do 5 hours worth of school while Daddy is home and the kids want to play with him, watch tv or a movie with him and do things outside with him.

Here are some of the things we have done this week while we enjoyed Daddy's company!

Over the weekend we asked my parents and brother over for supper. We loved our time together. 

This is my mother playing ball with Zachary.
My brother wrestling the boys.

Monday it rained hard in the morning and these little guys where found. 

Monday was our first day of COOP for the month and it was a great day but after coming home the kids wanted to play and chill out some.


Monday Lexi had Gymnastics and I was able to get this neat picture of her handstand.

 Doing some history from Mystery Of History!

Kyle is a goober! I love Zac's face!

 Daddy came to help Zachary with All About Spelling and some others!

Then this is what happened! ON. MY. BED. that I just had made.

 Kyle finishing up another lesson review in Growing with Grammar! Loving this addition to our school since January.

A lot of this has happened while Daddy has been home. The weather has been gorgeous!

She finished another scarf and its for sale but as soon as she finished this one she had to start a black and white one for a friend.

Look what he started!!! Zachary was so excited to get his new book. He got it Wednesday and is already on lesson 3.

 Wednesday was the day Mattie came over. Our theme for this month is "Fall" so we had several activities to do with leaves and acorns.

Uncle Kevin read her several fall books while I taught my babies some things. Don't you just love that face she has!!

 Then our craft for the week was a finger paint fall tree.My kids do this every year and I love fall so I have them do it every year. This was the first year Mattie had made one and she loved it.

My dad has been showing Kyle some cords on the guitar and having him practice them so hopefully he will stick with it this time.

My lovely husband finally was able to make my fire pit. We had looked up directions and didn't have to buy anything but sand for the bottom. Everything else we had on hand. I love it and we plan on using it Saturday night for a marshmallow night.

 Thursday we went to our state zoo!! Love that place so much we go twice a year, wish we could get there more than twice but we just can't. I'll be posting more pics on Wednesday!

Friday our history lesson was about Stonehenge and so what else was there to do other than build some ourselves?


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  1. Looks like a fun and eventful week! How cool that you found turtles! :)


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