Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 8

This week has been full of fun and work. 
Here is a peek into our week.

 Here is a cute picture I got of Daddy reading and working on his homework.

This happened Tuesday. M.A.T.H. is her enemy. At least she thinks it is sometimes. I don't normally have these issues with her but any day that Daddy is home and she is " in that mood " this happens. She didn't know how to do her math and she got mad because I wouldn't tell her the answer and instead I wanted to show her how to work it out. When she started crying I am done with her and no one is allowed at the school table with wet eyes. So she goes to take a break and Daddy decided he would work with her but still through her "fit". She finally got finished with the ONE problem that was the problem!!!!!!!

Kyle on the other hand made a 100 and I just wanted to brag on him for it. So many times he is so close to making a 100 but misses a word problem or does the wrong function on one problem and it messes him up. YAY KYLE!!

Guess what we are doing?

Carving our pumpkins!

 Aren't they just awesome...


 Working on our Mystery of History timeline figures. Kyle does awesome at drawing and I gave him a hard one!

 A mummy

 Another brag - Zachary finished all of his Handwriting without Tears this week!! Great job Zachary!

Daddy's bible study time with the kiddos at night.

 Zachary is on lesson 8 in AAS 1!! He's doing great.

 Alexis working on her LLATL.

 Kyle enjoying Vocabulary Spelling City! Review coming this next week!

I started work this week in the evenings and Kevin has been working a few doubles so please always keep my family in your prayers. 

This week is our last Coop class and I am happy and sad to see them coming to an end.

Mattie was over for Wednesday school and here are a few cute pictures of what she had to do.

 We colored some awesome fall leaves, This girl loves to color.

 Counted to 100 and then she kept going! Smart one here!

 Tracing these lines are her favorite. Each week she asks if I have any.

 We had a shadow match to complete and she really enjoyed this. Once we matched them we glued them back to back so she could play with them and they wouldn't make a huge mess.

 Learned a little about pumpkins and traced Pp's and the word PUMPKIN.

 Spotting G's.

 Last she practiced writing her name. Mattie is doing so great and I love her so.

I hope each of you had a blessed week and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Looks like a nice week! We have math issues on occasion as well - that's when I know it's time for a mommy and daughter time out. Ah, hormones!


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