Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up Week 7 - Road Trip


This week has been a little wild, well let me just be honest since Kevin was off on vacation the last 11 days have been just nutty! Everyone knows that I need routine, no shocker there. We have had lots of trips and fun but this week ends that for a while. 

Monday was Co-Op day. I taught my 6/7 year old class on Spain this week. We had lots of fun and that class keeps me on my toes! Lexi had gymnastics and sold another scarf to her teacher!

Tuesday we schooled and enjoyed the great weather that was waiting for us outside. Since Kevin has been off we have only been working on history, math and grammar. 

Wednesday we left on our road trip to Natural Bridge, VA. The whole purpose of our trip was to see Foamhenge a Styrofoam replica of Stonehenge but since it was a 5 hour drive we wanted to make sure and find some other things to make the trip worth it on a budget. After looking a little we found that Natural Bridge was actually an attraction all in itself. I have to say it was beautiful. I called ahead of time and asked about homeschool discounts and man I am so glad I did. I was able to get the combo ticket for all of us which included the admission to Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge Caverns and guided tour, Butterflies at the Bridge, Cedar Creek Nature Trail and Monacan Village, Wax Museum, Drama of Creation and entry to the new Jefferson's Playground all for just $14 for Kevin and I and $13 for the kids. We saved enough to be able to stay in their cottage for $50 that night!! 

Thursday we explored more of Natural Bridge, VA. Pictures are coming Wednesday so please stay tuned! We got back about 6:45 and had time to relax and watch a movie before bed!

Friday my poor husband had to go back to work, so that let our normal routine back in however we only completed history, math and grammar because I had a job interview and had to take the kids to my parents. After Kevin got home we went to visit a member of our church family in the hospital. We was able to have supper just the two of us which is always a favorite for us.

Our week was wonderful. I love spending time with my family and husband. There is truly nothing that can beat it.

I would like to ask you to pray for me as I start a job next week only in the evenings but still a huge change for this woman that hasn't worked outside my home in 12 years, scared would sum it up. Many of you know I worked from home until last December and done that for 4 years. Also pray for a lovely lady in our church family that had a stroke Thursday night.


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  1. What a great vacation you all had! I can't wait to see pictures! I will be praying for you, Kayla and your friend from church.


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