Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless (not really) Wednesday Week 8 - Field Trip

Last week we set out on a road trip to enjoy some beautiful family time and scenery. We started on our way to Natural Bridge, VA. The trip took almost 5 hours but we had lots of silly time together while driving and stopping.


We stopped on a few attractions on the side of the road along the way. Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, one of the two left standing! It was beautiful to see.

 Wooden nails!

 Then we went to Murray's Mill and again beautiful scenery.

 Lunch time = Picnic.

 Finally in Virginia!

 The motel has such charm!

I have to say it was everything was beautiful. I called ahead of time and asked about homeschool discounts and man I am so glad I did. I was able to get the combo ticket for all of us which included the admission to Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge Caverns and guided tour, Butterflies at the Bridge, Cedar Creek Nature Trail and Monacan Village, Wax Museum, Drama of Creation and entry to the new Jefferson's Playground all for just $14 for Kevin and I and $13 for the kids. We saved enough to be able to stay in their cottage for $50 that night!! If you are going to try to go make sure you ask them about their homeschool discount!

The first place the kids wanted to go was the Wax Museum. We actually loved this so much. The boys begged to go in the next day too. So we got our fill of wax!

 Can you say BUTTERFLIES??

 Now finally to see God's beauty! 
The Natural Bridge!

 Behind us is the falls.

Now the real reason we came. Last week we learned about Stonehenge. I posted on Facebook about our studies and had a friend tell me about this replica. After looking it up and talking with her I knew I wanted to go. We arranged to see the other attractions because we didn't want to drive 5 hours just for this.

Foamhenge is a life size replica of Stonehenge in England. The kids didn't expect it to be so large. We enjoyed looking at this. If you ever get to the area it's free!! 

We found this neat feature going to a state park for a visit.

Finally the Caverns! I have to say the pictures did no good. We went down so much it was incredible. We went down 347 feet!!! Best Caverns so far!! 

 Look - Just look what we paid for gas...... $2.99 (UNDER $3)!!!!!!

And our last stop before coming home was for Zachary - Tastee Freeze in Galax, VA! He has ate here since he was in my tummy! This is his favorite place but we don't get to go often because it's to far.


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  1. aww looks like you guys had so much fun!! You weren't far from me. I am about 2 hours from natural bridge. If I knew you were making a trip I would have recommended the safari park right there by natural bridge. The animals come right up to your car to eat food :-)


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