Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 13 ~ Thanksgiving 
This week was a great week. Kevin was on vacation and the Christmas decorating came out full force. He dreams all year of these 2 months that he is able to decorate. It makes him happy and makes me crazy. I'm not a decorator for the seasons, I am happy with the tree being the only decor but not him. Years ago however we had to come to an understanding - He decorates outside NOT the inside and that works for us. The kids wait on him to decorate every year, its a favorite tradition for them.

I enjoyed him being off but like always when he is off I don't get much done. I had high hopes this week of getting some DIY projects started and completed while he was off but the weather was horrid and I couldn't move my table or hutch out so that didn't get touched. I couldn't find plastic rings anywhere for the roman shade I'm making so I had to order them from amazon which is putting a delay in that project too!

She loves it when Daddy is home for breakfast because he will fix her anything she wants, which is normally French Toast... At least she is finally eating from her Tonsillectomy. She lost 7 pounds in a week, so I hope she can gain some of that back over the holidays! Trust me she is so tiny she doesn't have the 7 pounds to lose!

 The tree is finished. Kevin and I went yesterday and bought a new tree skirt!

 This year was Zachary's turn to hang the star but bless his heart he is to short and needed some help!

Schooling this week was hit and miss because of the holidays and Kevin home. Here we are adding our 3 figures to our Mystery of History time line.

Kyle normally likes to help me cook, so he prepared the pumpkin pie this year.

Alexis is always the decorator. She made menus for everyone, table cards for everyone to know where they belonged and this awesome cute banner!

We were blessed to have 2 meals Thanksgiving Day. We always go to my grandmothers house for lunch and I always cook supper for our family. We actually even had some guests this year.

Our parents. My mom is the one in that horrible DUKE shirt (UNC fans here) and Kevin's parents are the other 2. My dad and brother wasn't with us this year because they where on a hunting trip.

In other news this week:

I had my first wreck!
Tuesday night I was leaving work early and was going to run into the grocery store for some things and as I was pulling in I t-boned a man that didn't stop! He pulled out in front of me as I was trying to turn into the store. It didn't do much to his car but it tore mine up pretty good. I was so upset and then so furious. I was glad we where both alright but still really angry over my car. The other car got the ticket and the next morning his insurance called me taking responsibility and I took it to get the quote and they set it all up. I will have a rental car when mine is getting repaired. The estimated damage is $3100.00 so it messed my front end up!

So if that wasn't exciting enough ~ We had family pictures took this week! I can't wait to share them here with you guys! They look great from the preview I was allowed to have!

I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving week!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale - BIP

"This post contains affiliate links."
As so many of you know we are loving Mystery of History right now. You can read about some of that fun here.

Remember how much fun we had with Christian Kids Explore Biology a few months ago too? We are starting Chemistry soon and I can't wait for all the fun to start again. 

We love Bright Ideas Press and I want to share with you the Black Friday sale that starts at 12:01 tonight!


Use "fantasticday" at checkout! 

This sale will go from 12:01 Black Friday until Cyber Monday so don't miss out saving on some of our favorites, Christian Kids Explore, Mystery of History & even WonderMaps!

Happy Shopping.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 12

Well there is no simple way to say this but crazy has become the norm since I've started working. It seems that I can't go one week and have no disruptions to our schedule. I'm getting strict with our schedule and will be using the do not disturb button on my phone some during our schooling. Kids aren't going ANYWHERE during the next several weeks during our schooling hours. I have to get this craziness under control!

 Our thankful tree is filling up with blessings! 

Monday was great. We are loving the extra's that we purchased from Bright Ideas Press. The coloring pages are awesome! Kyle had Hunter Safety Class and my dad is taking him since it was his idea and he was gracious to volunteer to stay with him during class.

Tuesday nothing happened really. The kids went to my brothers to help him with yard work. They was able to make a little money and they enjoyed that.

Kyle had class Monday - Wednesday with his test being Wednesday night. He did great and passed with an 88 - Very happy for him and proud for him!

We are really enjoying our history read alouds - Girls Who Rocked The World & Boys Who Rocked The World. We are reading one chapter from each book every other day and notebooking about the person. So far I haven't had an issue finding notebooking pages for our people.

We had our darling Maggie fixed this week so we have no worries about kittens! 

I was asked to join The Schoolhouse Review Crew again for the 2014 school year and I am so blessed and honored to be allowed to have that privilege. This crew is a huge blessing to my family.

Some projects our family is in the middle of this week are:


 I destroyed my blinds in the bathroom to try to attempt a DIY project. I'm not finished just bare with me and I will share the finished result soon!

Clark Griswold - I mean my husband is at it already this year. He took vacation all week just to decorate. Yes its that big of a deal to him. Pray for me because this stresses me out big time. He isn't allowed to do anything in the house except the Christmas Tree.

 Lexi's new scarf. I love the color combination she picked this time. 

I made something new this week that I will share with you this coming week. You will want this easy recipe! Stay tuned!

This week is the week I'm going to try to refurbish my dining room table and hutch. I am so nervous about this but hopefully between Kevin being off this week, me working every evening, church, play practice and just life I can get it done!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blue Ribbon Awards ~ TOS Crew

As our wonderful crew year comes to an end I am going back through memory lane. I have to say that there where some awesome products that I am so blessed to have been able to try and it be a great fit in our homeschool and keep going on with it.

First it is always hard to find something that is a good fit so when we do - I personally jump for joy!

Here are a few items that really were hits in The Arrowood Zoo courtesy of The Schoolhouse Review Crew:

ABeCeDarian Reading Program - You can read my review here but I will tell you this was the single best item that I have personally reviewed. It worked wonders for my struggling reader and for that I am thankful. 


I hardly ever have the pleasure of a mommy review but I must say I absolutely loved Picaboo Yearbooks! I wish I had known about them years ago! After the review I promised myself to make one every year. They are cheap and great!

Handwriting Without Tears has been awesome for my smallest son that doesn't like to write. The instructions really helped him.

My daughter really has loved Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns! Yes it is a lot of work for me but the bonding time I've spent with her over my mistakes and ability to not sew well has been priceless.

Brain Food Learning was another great resource! My kids loved the Birds DVD. We actually was able to borrow another from a friend and watch. It was just as fun and exciting as the one before. Two thumbs up high!

One more awesome review that really was awesome in our household was Prescripts from Classical Conversations! My daughter really loved having to write and then have a art lesson to go with it.

 Okay down to the last 2 I honestly loved so much...

See The Light - Rarely do I get the pleasure of pleasing everyone with a review so this one was special. All 3 kids loved this. Me included. I actually done every art lesson with them just didn't show my pictures lol.


Last but not least is IEW. I always dreaded teaching writing but man oh man did that change when I was able to review the Student Intensive A. My kids actually love the teaching and I love that I just help and watch along with them! 

Now since you have read my families personal favorites go see who we voted for and who won the Blue Ribbon Awards! I sure hope some of my choices win!! 


Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 11 (after break) Weekly Wrap

We took a week break unlike our normal 2 week break last week so this was our first week back to normal but man oh man was it far from normal.

Monday consisted of running Lexi to the hospital for pre-op appointments and before and after that we done a little school work and talked about Veterans Day and why it was important. Called to make sure Papaw knew we loved him and appreciated his service. Then off to work.

Tuesday was more normal and schooled all day with lots of fun. Supper then off to work.

Wednesday was great. The weather was pretty however cold. School work got finished and we had fun. Mattie was over for her school work as well and Granny came and took Lexi at lunch time to eat at her favorite restaurant since it was going to be her last meal for a while. She also got spoiled by getting new boots, hair-bows and some really cool socks! Oh and a new pair of cute soft purple jeans.Then play practice at church. I have to be honest after the busy last 2 weeks I didn't want to go but man I was so glad I did because laughing and joking with my church family makes everything feel better.

Thursday was a very early start. Got up at 530 to get the kids up and ready for taking Lexi to the hospital for her Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. We had to run the boys to my moms and then off to the hospital. I didn't sleep good at all so I was ready for bed time before the sun was even up! The surgery went well, it took longer than expected simply because she didn't want to wake up when she needed too. Then she begged to go home finally she was able too. We stopped to get her a frosty but she didn't eat but 3 bites and sleep. She slept the majority of the day. I was suppose to make her drink any thing I could so after her going for hours and not getting anything (I tried a Popsicle, juice, ice cream) I tried chocolate milk and she ended up throwing it up on my couch and all over her. 

Friday the boys went over some math and language. I had Kyle read to Zachary. Lexi isn't feeling to great of course after yesterday's procedure. She has just laid on the couch and slept and watched t.v. she will not be doing anything probably until Monday. I did get some smiles out of her today and she was able to sit up without her head hurting from all the meds she had yesterday. She has ate some ice cream and drunk more than yesterday!

I have to work tonight so supper is already in the crock-pot.

I am also looking into buying Mystery of History's coloring & notebooking pages to add to our History. I tell you we really are loving their history lessons!

PLEASE PLEASE take a moment and vote for me. I was nominated in 4 categories and you can vote in each category once daily! The voting ends November 18th so hurry!


Mattie's school pics: