Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things I Wish I Could Change...

As I take a plunge to stay 100% transparent I want to post on somethings that are on my heart this week. So many times you readers think that us bloggers are wonderful and have everything under control and never have any trouble. Well I have posted many rants and issues before if you have been reading for a while. The reason most blogs only have good things on them are because like me this is my digital scrapbook so I don't want negative only or at all but like I said I'm trying to keep it real.

So here are some things I wish I could change, now don't get me wrong I have lots of great things about my life but these weigh me down some times...

My boys can't stand to read. The love of reading in my boys is nonexistent. I've tried everything from silly books to letting them pick what they read to just reading out loud. Nothing works for them. They think its boring and are just like your torturing them. If I don't get that eye roll then I get the do we have too? My daughter on the other hand loves to read, she has a book in her hand almost every moment.

There was a conversation about COOP starting and that the kids where looking forward to not having mom as the teacher, mom's stuff is boring. I get it - really I do - but I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt my heart. I didn't say anything and just glanced at my husband, I guess he could tell that hurt. I know the kids didn't mean it the way it sounded I truly know that. My husband said "So what is boring that mom does?" The kids said stuff like writing, reading and she makes us do our chores.

If I was Super Woman I would wish for more hours in the day. I could sleep more, have more fun time, finally maybe catch up...

I would love to go a week with no fussing between my kids. Some days are good but others they seem to not be able to look at each other without fussing. That's when I know we need a break from together work. Homeschooling is just a different life so with the kids being around each other all the time I have to be aware when they have tested each other to THAT point.

I feel horrible when I have to raise my voice. I mean it seems sometimes that's the only way I get their attention. It makes me feel bad when I have to yell.

So many people think that homeschoolers have children that jump out of bed and run for workbooks or educational items... Well I can say some days my daughter is actually like that but my boys are made to do school almost daily. I wish my children would enjoy school instead of seeing it as a chore. I wish they could see how special and blessed they are to have this life style. I know at one point they will appreciate it and I am holding on to that.

Alright guys - No judging me... That's just what was on my heart today.