Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 11 (after break) Weekly Wrap

We took a week break unlike our normal 2 week break last week so this was our first week back to normal but man oh man was it far from normal.

Monday consisted of running Lexi to the hospital for pre-op appointments and before and after that we done a little school work and talked about Veterans Day and why it was important. Called to make sure Papaw knew we loved him and appreciated his service. Then off to work.

Tuesday was more normal and schooled all day with lots of fun. Supper then off to work.

Wednesday was great. The weather was pretty however cold. School work got finished and we had fun. Mattie was over for her school work as well and Granny came and took Lexi at lunch time to eat at her favorite restaurant since it was going to be her last meal for a while. She also got spoiled by getting new boots, hair-bows and some really cool socks! Oh and a new pair of cute soft purple jeans.Then play practice at church. I have to be honest after the busy last 2 weeks I didn't want to go but man I was so glad I did because laughing and joking with my church family makes everything feel better.

Thursday was a very early start. Got up at 530 to get the kids up and ready for taking Lexi to the hospital for her Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. We had to run the boys to my moms and then off to the hospital. I didn't sleep good at all so I was ready for bed time before the sun was even up! The surgery went well, it took longer than expected simply because she didn't want to wake up when she needed too. Then she begged to go home finally she was able too. We stopped to get her a frosty but she didn't eat but 3 bites and sleep. She slept the majority of the day. I was suppose to make her drink any thing I could so after her going for hours and not getting anything (I tried a Popsicle, juice, ice cream) I tried chocolate milk and she ended up throwing it up on my couch and all over her. 

Friday the boys went over some math and language. I had Kyle read to Zachary. Lexi isn't feeling to great of course after yesterday's procedure. She has just laid on the couch and slept and watched t.v. she will not be doing anything probably until Monday. I did get some smiles out of her today and she was able to sit up without her head hurting from all the meds she had yesterday. She has ate some ice cream and drunk more than yesterday!

I have to work tonight so supper is already in the crock-pot.

I am also looking into buying Mystery of History's coloring & notebooking pages to add to our History. I tell you we really are loving their history lessons!

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Mattie's school pics:



  1. Looks like a good week. I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on Mystery of History - I keep considering it for our next history cycle. I have to say I love your big white pencil caddy! (I *heart organizational tools!)

  2. Sounds like a fun week....we are doing phases of the moon too! We actually just got a ton of great books from the library about the solar system, moon phases etc. :)

  3. What a busy week! I hope your little lady feels better soon. My son had that procedure done.


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