Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 12

Well there is no simple way to say this but crazy has become the norm since I've started working. It seems that I can't go one week and have no disruptions to our schedule. I'm getting strict with our schedule and will be using the do not disturb button on my phone some during our schooling. Kids aren't going ANYWHERE during the next several weeks during our schooling hours. I have to get this craziness under control!

 Our thankful tree is filling up with blessings! 

Monday was great. We are loving the extra's that we purchased from Bright Ideas Press. The coloring pages are awesome! Kyle had Hunter Safety Class and my dad is taking him since it was his idea and he was gracious to volunteer to stay with him during class.

Tuesday nothing happened really. The kids went to my brothers to help him with yard work. They was able to make a little money and they enjoyed that.

Kyle had class Monday - Wednesday with his test being Wednesday night. He did great and passed with an 88 - Very happy for him and proud for him!

We are really enjoying our history read alouds - Girls Who Rocked The World & Boys Who Rocked The World. We are reading one chapter from each book every other day and notebooking about the person. So far I haven't had an issue finding notebooking pages for our people.

We had our darling Maggie fixed this week so we have no worries about kittens! 

I was asked to join The Schoolhouse Review Crew again for the 2014 school year and I am so blessed and honored to be allowed to have that privilege. This crew is a huge blessing to my family.

Some projects our family is in the middle of this week are:


 I destroyed my blinds in the bathroom to try to attempt a DIY project. I'm not finished just bare with me and I will share the finished result soon!

Clark Griswold - I mean my husband is at it already this year. He took vacation all week just to decorate. Yes its that big of a deal to him. Pray for me because this stresses me out big time. He isn't allowed to do anything in the house except the Christmas Tree.

 Lexi's new scarf. I love the color combination she picked this time. 

I made something new this week that I will share with you this coming week. You will want this easy recipe! Stay tuned!

This week is the week I'm going to try to refurbish my dining room table and hutch. I am so nervous about this but hopefully between Kevin being off this week, me working every evening, church, play practice and just life I can get it done!


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