Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 ~ Simplify

How can it be? Ohh, seriously how can it be 2014?


Oh, the awesome wonderful fun things that happened this year! As my year was coming to an end I had been thinking so much about my word last year - Intentional. Over all I am proud of my effort I made to try to be intentional in every way possible to my family and to God. I messed up just like all of us do and I can look back at memories where I could have done better or more but that's just life.

This year I'm thinking since my life has been so crazy, hectic and rushed that SIMPLE is better. My family has been cleaning out for weeks. We have been getting rid of toys that aren't played with, furniture that is just cludering up the house, dishes that just are taking up space and even clothing that isn't worn. I mean really how many shirts does one kid need? I'm a clothing hoarder and I admit it. This has been something very hard for me to do but I think over all it will help me live more simple through out the year. Less clutter to clean up. 

Even down to our food we eat this has been applied. Months ago we started making a lot of things from scratch, I know your thinking how is that simplifying but it really is. I mix up large amounts of mixes and store them in our large glass containers. We love it.

Also since I've started working I needed things to chill out a little. I love routine, I love schedules but since I started working 3 months ago we have had none! Our lives just needed something different and so we have worked on cleaning charts/chores for each person and our schooling routine will even change in hopes of making everything simpler for us all.

Simple is better in my book.

Happy New Year Friends!

What is your word for 2014?

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 Posts of 2013

I decided to see what everyone has been reading on my blog this year and to my surprise it has been my recipes!! 

Hey homeschoolers have to eat too!

Here is my list of top 5 blog posts for the 2013 year:

Not really sure why the last one made the list but it did :)

Hope your holiday season has been blessed! 

Just in case you needed a quick pick me up - Today is the last monday of 2013!! WOOHOO!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Breaking For Christmas!!

While we are preparing for Christmas this week I just wanted so share our memories!

 Our Christmas Play 2013 - Honoring the Father!

 Our annual trip to see the lights!! 

 Gingerbread Houses 2013!

Merry CHRISTmas!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 15 - LATE!!

Well this is a lazy kind of week again. We are busy and are going to have to adjust our routine since I started working. Things aren't going the way I want them or need them to go.

I've always been able to get up and start our day slowly since I stopped working over a year ago but since I've started again I'm going to have to find a better way to manage our time because waking up and starting like normal isn't cutting it any longer.

Next week we will be having strict bedtimes - even though I'm not home Daddy is going to help with that.

I will start waking every one up at 8 to start our day. Morning chores first upon getting up then breakfast followed by devotional time and start school from there. I'm thinking that will be extremely helpful with our day.

It's so close to Christmas I wonder if I should honestly even try to adjust anything! We will see...

Alright this week Kyle had some issues with Math, he's to a point that is hard for him and he is missing more than I like so we have took a few steps back to review and adjust our learning. Kyle is also moving along great at All About Spelling! He hit the half way mark this week :)

Alexis is doing really great with her memory on her multiplication facts. She also has been asking to do Reading Kingdom daily. She got Kevin to instal Typing Instructor while I was at work and guess what... She sat and completed the whole cd within that night. I came home and she told me all about it. She is up to 10 words per minute without error and I personally think that is great for her first time! She is going to continue to improve and practice. She has also started and finished a UNC scarf for a friend at church this week. It was a Christmas/Birthday gift. She really did great and personally we loved the color choice!

Zachary has been hard at work on his All About Spelling and Reading. We are working super hard at making sure we are pushing - pushing - pushing!!! He is doing really well right now. We invested in more books for him and that seems to really be helping.  

We also had a visitor for school one day this week.

I was getting ready for work Thursday and guess what I found in my cabinet? Can you say BOY MOM?

Last but not least a project I've been working on for the last 2 weeks, DIY Roman Shade.

I just need to remove the old hardware and patch that up. Love the look of my shade even if it took me forever and I felt like it wasn't going to work!! I'm proud of myself!

I will be taking a break from blogging until after Christmas. Enjoy your week my friends.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Photos ~2013

I absolutely love getting our pictures taken for keepsakes of great memories. It always breaks my heart to look back upon the awesome pictures I have of all the cute little moments I have captured. 
Last week I told you guys we had pictures made and so I wanted to share those with you since I finally have them!

Nichole Burton which is a local photographer took our pictures for us in a Christmas tree field. It was super cold but we had a blast and she was great with my kids.


Now these two are my favorite of the entire session.

I love the black and white version of Kyle blowing snow into Lexi's face, just so precious!

And then the picture of Daddy's little girl, I can't get over this one! To me this one will never be beat!

And this is the one I decided for our Christmas Cards. This year I decided instead of actually getting Christmas Cards printed like I have for several years I would just get Shutterfly to print my prints and insert in cards that I loved, that way everyone could have an updated photo of my family. Luckily I found the perfect envelopes to place our picture in... The photo is black and white just like shown here and then the surrounding on the envelope is red glitter! It looks wonderful!

 Do you enjoy getting your families photo's taken? 
We have another session in the Spring!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up Week 14

This week has been busy and again just crazy. Seems that we are actually getting some sort of routine since I've started working. I've been working every evening except Wednesday & Sundays. From where I don't get into the bed until late I've been a very late riser and that has my day all messed up from the time my feet hit the ground so I've got to work on that.

I am missing my time in the evenings with Kevin but I know that we get alone time and love it when it happens.

Reading is coming so much better to Zachary. We have started using BOB Books for him daily several times daily. I've spent a lot of money on getting sets of them and we have been working on the first 3 levels so far. We have him read several during the day but then I ask Daddy to read at least 2 with him before bed. This seems to really be helping him more than just the phonic review daily.

I love this girl. She has enjoyed reading with the rainy days that we have had for the last several weeks! She is still enjoying Reading Kingdom which is something she actually asks to complete daily. You can read my review here for it.

Kyle has really been helping me drill Lexi on her math facts. I've been able to leave him a few lists in the evenings to help Zac and Lexi with and he has been doing great at being a helper while I'm gone in the evenings!

 Advent readings!

Came in from work Thursday night and look what I found... Such sweet moments that I hope to remember forever.

 Love it when he does great at a task that he thinks is hard!

Lexi has been doing so great at her cursive practice but we have been going over the proper structure just to make sure we have no issues come up!

Friday Kevin and I went to a work Christmas party and enjoyed our alone time together. I was able to meet his co-workers which was nice since I have heard all about them for over a year. Nice to be able to put a face with the name!

Yesterday we enjoyed The Very Merry Christmas Concert in Johnson City, TN. I will post some pics of that Wednesday!

My week flew by - Did yours?