Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 ~ Simplify

How can it be? Ohh, seriously how can it be 2014?


Oh, the awesome wonderful fun things that happened this year! As my year was coming to an end I had been thinking so much about my word last year - Intentional. Over all I am proud of my effort I made to try to be intentional in every way possible to my family and to God. I messed up just like all of us do and I can look back at memories where I could have done better or more but that's just life.

This year I'm thinking since my life has been so crazy, hectic and rushed that SIMPLE is better. My family has been cleaning out for weeks. We have been getting rid of toys that aren't played with, furniture that is just cludering up the house, dishes that just are taking up space and even clothing that isn't worn. I mean really how many shirts does one kid need? I'm a clothing hoarder and I admit it. This has been something very hard for me to do but I think over all it will help me live more simple through out the year. Less clutter to clean up. 

Even down to our food we eat this has been applied. Months ago we started making a lot of things from scratch, I know your thinking how is that simplifying but it really is. I mix up large amounts of mixes and store them in our large glass containers. We love it.

Also since I've started working I needed things to chill out a little. I love routine, I love schedules but since I started working 3 months ago we have had none! Our lives just needed something different and so we have worked on cleaning charts/chores for each person and our schooling routine will even change in hopes of making everything simpler for us all.

Simple is better in my book.

Happy New Year Friends!

What is your word for 2014?

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  1. Simple is a great word and a focus for us this year too. Enjoy the journey!


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