Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up Week 14

This week has been busy and again just crazy. Seems that we are actually getting some sort of routine since I've started working. I've been working every evening except Wednesday & Sundays. From where I don't get into the bed until late I've been a very late riser and that has my day all messed up from the time my feet hit the ground so I've got to work on that.

I am missing my time in the evenings with Kevin but I know that we get alone time and love it when it happens.

Reading is coming so much better to Zachary. We have started using BOB Books for him daily several times daily. I've spent a lot of money on getting sets of them and we have been working on the first 3 levels so far. We have him read several during the day but then I ask Daddy to read at least 2 with him before bed. This seems to really be helping him more than just the phonic review daily.

I love this girl. She has enjoyed reading with the rainy days that we have had for the last several weeks! She is still enjoying Reading Kingdom which is something she actually asks to complete daily. You can read my review here for it.

Kyle has really been helping me drill Lexi on her math facts. I've been able to leave him a few lists in the evenings to help Zac and Lexi with and he has been doing great at being a helper while I'm gone in the evenings!

 Advent readings!

Came in from work Thursday night and look what I found... Such sweet moments that I hope to remember forever.

 Love it when he does great at a task that he thinks is hard!

Lexi has been doing so great at her cursive practice but we have been going over the proper structure just to make sure we have no issues come up!

Friday Kevin and I went to a work Christmas party and enjoyed our alone time together. I was able to meet his co-workers which was nice since I have heard all about them for over a year. Nice to be able to put a face with the name!

Yesterday we enjoyed The Very Merry Christmas Concert in Johnson City, TN. I will post some pics of that Wednesday!

My week flew by - Did yours?


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