Monday, January 6, 2014

Addition & Subtraction - Beyond Math Facts { REVIEW }

Several months ago Longevity Publishing contacted me about trying out Addition and Subtraction - Beyond Math Facts. I looked over their website and products and decided since Zachary was doing this it would be perfect to add into his review time.

One draw to this book was that Susan Greenwald is a Special Education teacher and took time to design a workbook that would be distraction free! If you have a special needs child you totally understand why this is so very important. 

While I don't really want to take away from this review with a long story about another math book I do want to point out that we can't not use one publisher's math books for this simple purpose. He cannot focus on the math facts and the skills that needs completed simply because he is distracted so trust me when I say this is a huge winner in my book!

At first I got the book and just looked over it to familiarize myself with it. Inside the book it has the introduction and a how to use this book section. Here is where I was able to understand where to begin and what to do with Zac. 

The book is 72 pages and costs $10.95 you can view samples here.

I turned to the Pre - Assessment in the book to see how he tested and that was to give me advice on where to have him start. He did really well with the Assessment but I still went to the beginning of the workbook and started working through it with him.

The workbook is meant to be used in sequence however it encourages curriculum compacting. 

It tells you some things to watch for during your child's work so that you can make sure that he is actually learning while he is doing.

The guide to teaching the lessons are easy to use. 

You can alter the lessons very simply to teach your child your way while still using the book thoroughly.

Most practice pages are divided into 2 lessons so that you can offer half sheets for assignments instead of the child getting overwhelmed with a full page.  

Which is actually how we used the entire book. 

This workbook is divided into 6 sections with each having a focus on different math facts.

Each section or every few pages you will have a section called " Word Math ". This is some of our favorites which is another huge reason why we use who we use for our math curriculum. The Word Math helps your children to see the reasoning in learning math skills to begin with. Word problems can be so fun when the child actually understands what to do.

Near the end of the workbook we had some money skills introduced. We had no issue with this because he had already had previous knowledge.

I have to brag about this workbook! Zachary responded very well to working through it. It went very fast and was a great way to break up his normal learning with great skills being taught in a different way. 

Longevity Publishing actually offers several other books that are similar so if Addition & Subtraction isn't what you're needing at this time they still could offer you something with the other choices they have.



  1. This looks like a good one, thanks for sharing! It is always so exciting to find something that clicks for our children.

  2. It sounds like a good book, and it's neat that there's a way to test to see what level your child is at to start at the right place.


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