Thursday, January 16, 2014

Covered Chuck Wagon Project

As the kids and I are making our way to the end of our Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler we had a really great project to go with Texas in our South West region.

Making a Covered Chuck Wagon! No not the one you can eat as my kids quickly pointed out! 

My children love hands on projects like most I'm sure! However, I am normally not prepared for them but guess what - I was this time!!! 

Your going to need:

Popsicle sticks
Skill Sticks
Hot Glue Gun (or any glue)
Brown Paper Bag

I actually could not find my normal Popsicle sticks so we ended up using all skill sticks instead and it still worked fine. The original directions said to use wood glue or hot glue gun and because I love a hot glue gun that's what I used. No waiting on any drying and it is fast!

Your going to first stack 3 layers high of skill sticks to make your  bed of the wagon.

Then using 4 sticks (regular but I didn't have any) make a frame, then your going to fill it in with more Popsicle sticks to have a solid bed. 

Now your going to add the bed to the frame with glue so that everything is secure.

Your now going to take 4 sticks and glue it as a post to hold up the paper bag on each end.

Cut out your cardboard for your wheels and poke a stick through the middle to form your wheel. Your going to need to use 2 sticks and glue them in the middle to run the length of your wagon.

Now your almost finished. 

Glue the wagon axles to the bottom of the wagon!! 


I must say that my kids loved learning that the driver of these Chuck Wagons where called a "Cookie."

Kyle actually placed a cookie in his wagon!!

Here is another really great website showing the process of making the Covered Chuck Wagon.

Have fun!


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