Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grammar Update 2014

If you have read this blog for a while you understand that I have a love hate relationship with all things Grammar/English/Language Arts related. 

If you haven't read this blog and didn't know that - YOU DO NOW!

When this homeschooling journey first started it wasn't that difficult to provide something that was engaging for my smallers. We used Horizons for the beginning and mixed games in with that. Then we changed around and we used Abeka but didn't actually even get the new smell off of that one before it hit the road. Then actually for about a year we didn't do any! I was so frustrated then after some research we tried Daily Grams and it was alright however I didn't like the method and approach but then we went on to Learning Language Arts Through Literature which we actually still use some with one child. When that wasn't a good fit I just started praying - Lord help me.

And he did!

In the beginning of the year last year I was introduced to Growing With Grammar and can I say a year later I am still deeply in love with it.

I took the plunge and ordered Level 1 for Zachary, Level 3 for Lexi and Level 7 for Kyle. 

Zachary's book is wonderful he actually loves completing lessons in it. His book has over 200 pages but isn't overwhelming at all. We have been learning subjects, verbs, contractions and today just finished up learning about action verbs! I love that the pages are simple enough to keep his attention, with his attention being something hard to keep I am grateful for the no color in the books. The lessons are short and often review the previous concept and at $16.99 it was totally worth it to me to give it a try!

Lexi & Kyle's books are different because at their levels they actually have a student manual to use that teaches and goes over the concept being taught. 

Lexi is in level 3 and has learned more using this than I honestly can believe. She loves it and actually if she is given a choice on what to complete for the day this is her first choice! Her book has 230 pages. She is learning something right now that she actually finds hard but loves - Sentence Diagramming. The set she is using only cost me $31.99.

On to Kyle. Kyle and I have had a lot of digging while using this simply because Grammar has been a hard subject for him and we didn't start using something that we both enjoyed until last year. So there is obviously going to be a learning curve involved but with that said he has learned a ton from this curriculum which is the point in teaching with something! He had never diagrammed before and actually loves doing it! He has learned a lot of topics that I have actually had to read over with him in the student manual because I didn't know what it was, I am honestly going to admit this has taught me a lot too! His workbook has 242 pages to complete and his is only $31.99.

I would say since last January using Growing with Grammar my children have learned so much. I accredit their great CAT 5 scores in Language/Grammar to this curriculum. 

So if your a homeschool mother like me looking for something that might finally work for your children please check Growing with Grammar out! This is NOT a sponsored post this is simply an update from a homeschool mother that is very thankful for finding something that is working!



  1. We use Soaring with Spelling from JacKris and love it just as much! When we are done with Logic of English, I may get the Growing with Grammar books. Thanks for the update!

  2. Looks like a great program! And I feel the same way about math that you go about grammar!

  3. I hadn't heard about Growing with Grammar before. There is much less emphasis on Grammar here in the UK. My 13 year old uses Bridgeway English which is far more Grammar than there would ever be in the UK English textbook. Diagramming is almost unknown here-not sure whether that is a positive or negative.

  4. I've never heard of this but I'm definitely going to pin it for future reference. I'm still piecing together our curriculum and so far it's... meh. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I'm gonna have to check into this. I definitely struggle in the english/grammar area. My daughter is in classical conversations essentials and it is a great struggle. Thanks for the tip!


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