Friday, January 24, 2014

Homeschool Essentials ~ Prayer

Welcome to the last day of Homeschooling Essentials Blog Hop from the Schoolhouse Crew. There have been 89 of us participate so if your looking for help or ideas please check out some of our awesome blogs! I have made it easy and listed some at the bottom of this post!

So far this week you have found my personal essentials to homeschooling:
Monday - Routine Matters

And finally today I would like to touch on Prayer & Attitudes! 

Over the years of homeschooling that I have put in, I will be totally honest. I have grown so much in my faith and walk with Jesus than I ever think I would have in another path. Homeschooling brings out the good, bad and ugly in everyone around you daily. Your children see the great things you do as well as the horrible things that follows and since they are always with us they hopefully see us practice mercy and grace. 

Prayer became essential to me when my homeschooling grew and I thought I didn't have it under control anymore. I was actually ready to through in the towel. 

God is able to speak to your heart so graciously and if your seeking your going to hear him. Daily prayer and devotion is so very important to keeping our spirit and soul joyful and focused where we need. Praying and watching my children daily helps me to stay sensitive to my babies needs and I pray for God to lead me through it all.

I like thinking that I am willing to help God in and through my children. Maybe helping him raise more soldiers keeps me going on more than one day!

Keeping my spirit encouraged is the number one problem that I encounter, if I can't keep my mind and spirit joyful how can I get angry with my babies when they are having these issues? I try so hard to make sure I read my devotional daily before we start school and we crank up the praise music in the mornings during our breakfast time which helps my heart and soul! 

One day at a time is the best way for me to approach my days! This is easy to say but very difficult to follow through on! Each day I try to toss out the thought of what didn't get done yesterday or what needs done before tomorrow because Satin will try to steal my joy and happiness in all things even schooling my children. Seeking God daily helps me have strength, if I run ahead to tomorrow I will miss out on a huge blessing today!

So many times after our day I feel as if I am empty having nothing to give to my husband or the kids after school is complete. I ask for God's love to fill my heart and give me energy to continue what I know he wants me to finish.

God knows what you need too, to stay motivated when facing hard times and the challenge of homeschooling. God will give us great opportunities to praise him!

I've noticed just as I go to the Lord for my strength my babies come to me for help and strength through battles with multiplication when she thinks there is no way she will ever learn it, or when my oldest comes to me hating the book he has to finish or when the science experiment back fired bad!! My children need help just like I do and they need assurance just like I do. 

Prayer is essential in my moment to moment! 

What about you?

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  1. Staying in prayer and focused is the only way we get to keep our joy! Loved the blog hop.


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