Friday, January 3, 2014


Never underestimate the Power of a Mother!  

As a mother we are ALWAYS going to influence our children, whether it is good or bad... 

Don't underestimate the reflection you give. 

Mommas have one of the most powerful jobs in the world, with God's help we will raise them, love them and complete them! 

God meets all the needs and we are there to help! If you have children you have the most important job in the world. My role in my children's life is an investment in time and energy and I'm committed to them 100%.

Of course I'd like to be the ideal mother... But I'm too busy raising children!

I have wonderful intentions however any little melt down causes a re-configuration. The best thing to do in my mind is to just take ONE. DAY. AT. A. TIME. Wake up feeling refreshed and talk to the Lord then start your day. Don't worry about the things you didn't complete or start yesterday. Start fresh today! Time is something that as a mother is going to make you or break you so to speak. You have to have a good mind when it comes to what really deserves your time. God gives me strength every day many times a day.

Sadly our children don't have an empty gauge that I can tell needs refilled. That would be a wonderful thing to be able to see. What problems that would eliminate!! There's no greater investment than giving our kids encouragement. They need it daily. I will be honest; I have to strive to do this daily. This is an area I have been making a special point to make a habit. Make a goal of saying 3 encouraging words to your children each day. A great time to check to see if you did is when you are tucking them in to bed nightly. If you do a mental check and haven't said 3 things, do so then. It's said that to overcome ONE negative comment/word it needs to be replaced by TEN!! We have to constantly make sure they understand who they are and their self worth. 

God has given us the responsibility to give strength and courage to our children daily to be able to cope with life's challenges. We have to make sure our kids understand how important they are. I love this verse " If God is for us, who can be against us?" I try to make sure the kids understand this. We have had this as a memory verse and one of our favorite songs has this lyric in it as well. It's so much easier to find the mistakes our kids make, we have to make sure we are tuned in so we can see the good they do as easily!

I think to be positive mommas we have to spend QUALITY time with our kids every day, make a special moment with them throughout our days.


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