Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 19 - First School of the New Year

Well hello again guys!! It's the New Year and I hope everyone is doing great.

Most of us have started back to school this week or last from Christmas Break. This was our first week back to school and as always things never go as planned.

Over the weekend on Saturday was Zachary's birthday and he had to be took to the Dr, he has a sinus infection. If that wasn't enough Sunday we ended right back up at the clinic for the Dr to see Kevin and Kyle both have Bronchitis. Plans for Monday where looking like a joke. Ohh and I can't forget Kevin's runner car died over the weekend so we needed to go car shopping. 

 We haven't had a car payment in almost 5 years and I have enjoyed it greatly but there was just no way around it. I looked online at some places that we had in mind and found what I wanted. We picked it up Monday with no school being touched at all. We got a new to use 2007 Honda Odyssey and really love it however I will miss my Ford Windstar. We got in from getting the new car and I headed straight for work.

Tuesday everyone needed to take so much medicine and Kevin was still home from feeling awful that it was more or less a lazy day of just trying to feel better. Evening came and off to work I went.

Wednesday was the first day we actually was able to do a normal routine.We didn't do everything but gently pushed through our main subjects. Supper together and off to church. 

Thursday was a Skate Day with our homeschool group. We got up and completed some math and headed out the door for the remainder of our day together. After skating and eating pizza for 2 hours we stopped by the grocery store and I had to hurry home to get to work! Very busy day but lots of fun within it.

Friday Kyle ended up having plans with my dad. So in order for any schooling to get done by him we had to get going fast. He was able to jump into his math, grammar and spelling and well that was all for him. Zachary and Lexi finished their items and then we played several rounds of Spot - It and Monopoly Jr. Kyle got back right before I had to go to work.


Zachary started ABeCeDarian's B-1 this week!

Alexis only has 3 lesson left in her Gamma MUS! 

Hope your family had a great week schooling!


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