Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 20

Thankful for routine this week! We finally where able to make a routine this second week back at it. Getting up with the alarm clock is a fight simply because I haven't had to do that in 13 years!! Seriously I've been blessed I know but it has come to the point that the clock has to get us up and going to be finished with school before I go to work in the evenings!

Starting mornings at 8 every morning has allowed for a routine to start and my children as much as I hate to admit it are just like their mother when it comes to this - Routine is a good thing for us all and we actually need it and come to expect it!

Monday was a great day. Lots of learning. We had to change up some of our studies this week simply because we couldn't get through everything! So the changes are as follows:

Monday & Wednesday are Mystery of History days
Tuesday & Thursday is for Christian Kids Explore - Chemistry 
Fridays - History Read Alouds and Notebooking

Made a really great difference this week and actually couldn't tell that it wasn't suppose to be that way all along! I love it when a plan comes together! Don't you?

Monday we also made a tabernacle because of our MOH lesson and used it all week long for prayers before bedtime and meals. We really enjoyed having the "symbolism" in our home. Kyle had a little more research to complete on the topic and used a virtual field trip of the tabernacle which was cool!

Tuesday daddy was home so not a lot of school gets done. Don't judge me! LOL I know every homeschool mother knows this to be true!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday more schooling and some projects got done and we had a blast with our Covered Chuck Wagon!

Thursday was our first experiment in chemistry however we have lots of hands on lessons in Christian Kids Explore which is one huge reason on why we love it!

We actually just today finished the lesson because we had to wait on the water mixture to evaporate to see if the kids guesses on what happened would be right, no one was right! LOL that's the fun of science. 

We mixed sand and salt together with water and used a filter to remove the sand and salt. However it didn't remove the salt and did leave out the sand in the filter. No sand dissolved. Kids really enjoyed this project!

Friday was a fun day at which we just completed our read alouds done some notebooking about the people in history which one just happened to be Joan of Arc. I learned a lot that I never knew! Then learned the different parts of a leaf. Enjoyed lunch at Pizza Hut and went to the library for computer time and books!

Kyle used our WriteShop prompt cards that we love! While using Road Trip USA and talking about Alaska we made an Eskimo! Look at Lexi's newest scarf. It's so pretty and warm!

A few other moments I caught was Lexi's reading time, Zac counting money with Crunch and me pricking Kyle's finger for his phe blood level.

Friday night was a great night money wise at work then I come home to an email from Purex saying I was in on a huge program with them qualifying for a free year's worth of detergent!!!!!! WOOHOO!! So happy about that I just can't even express the thankfulness and blessed feeling I felt on this!!

Hope you had a blessed week I sure did!



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