Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Week 21 & 22

Because last week The Schoolhouse Review Crew and I were having way to much fun I didn't post our normal Wordless Wednesday post, I was busy telling you about our homeschool essentials! 

So instead of one week we have two!

Made Mattie's Birthday Cake for my brother and she requested a Butterfly and I was scared to death but hey it was great!

At Mattie's party they gave me a little cake because my birthday was the 20th...

Homeschool Art Day. Started with watching a great Art Alive presentation and I can't brag enough on it! Then a momma taught us how to paint a little! 

Found the perfect place for each of the kids canvases when we got home! They filled the half room with some much needed personality!

Last but not least favorite - We cuddled and read the entire book in one sitting... It was so nice!