Monday, February 3, 2014

Bic Magic Window Markers {Review & Giveaway}

Bic is a great company. One that I love. The quality is proven to be great! Bic is the leading manufacturer of stationary products, lighters and even razors!

Guess what is new from BIC? 

Window Markers!

They are high quality drawing tools designed to leave vivid marks for special occasions and what a neat way to decorate!

They are visible and adhere to glass and mirrors. You could decorate your car for your favorite team's celebrations, birthday or holidays!

Markers are non-toxic which is always great for this momma!

Bold colors with fine bullet tip or jumbo chisel tip for all glass drawing!

BIC sent me 3 markers to try on my windows and mirrors to decorate for Valentine's Day, so let me tell you a little about our experience.

I received:
1 Jumbo Chisel Tip in Pink
2 pack of Bullet Tip Markers Red & White

Before you use the item it needs to be shaken well to get the ink moving. Then press the tip on the window or glass mirror until the ink starts to flow and decorate! This took a few minutes and I actually was worried I was doing something wrong but once I looked closer I could see the white tip turning colors!

We decorated for Valentine's Day! We used the markers on our screen doors. Each of us drew different things and had fun! Then I decorated the mirror in the kids bathroom Sunday morning for them to see while getting ready for church. Lexi loved the thought. 

Then Alexis took it one step further, she decorated her fish tank for Valentine's Day. She celebrates every holiday known to man, she just loves the special occasions. We have had cake on Lincoln's birthday and made cards to exchange on her own made up holidays! So this really didn't surprise me that much!

I have to be honest I was very worried about the easy of getting the ink off my windows and mirrors but to my huge surprise it was just as easy as wiping with a damp cloth! Shocked and very happy!

The window markers are available in red, white, blue yellow and pink. You can find them at Staples for a special price of just $5 for a 1 pack jumbo chisel or the 2 pack bullet tip through the end of February.

Now for the fun part that always gets me excited, a giveaway for you - My readers!

I am able to giveaway 5 sets of these markers to you! You will receive the same markers I reviewed. The giveaway is going to be a short one because I want you to get these before Valentine's Day! U.S. residents only. Hurry and enter friends!

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  1. These look like so much FUN! I know my 6 year old would have a blast with them, and my girls will probably surprise me and make works of art with them too.


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