Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash { Review & Giveaway }

I have a little secret that I'd like to keep but I guess this post will absolutely ruin my secret... I love body wash. I hate soap! I can't help it there is something so refreshing about all the bubbles and the awesome smell that just makes me want showers and love body wash!

 Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash!

Today I have a review provided by our Purex team with Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash! Upon first getting this we opened the package and took a whiff. Man oh man does it smell great! Smell draws my attention every time. I love things that smell good but more importantly when I'm placing it on my body I want it to feel good too!

Dial has added a vitamin boost to their new body washes! It is to help moisturize your skin better and provide more vitamins and moisture directly to your skin. Vitamin B is a natural humectant that helps draw in moisture and keeps skin hydrated and lets face it in the winter our skin longs for this!

Healthy skin is something that is very important and in order to keep it that way you have to work at providing certain elements such as lotion and healthy nutrition. Dial is trying to help you make it easier with their new vitamin boost lotion infused body wash!

We have 5 people in our home so we use body wash more than I would like to say! We have certain brands that we typically purchase but I have to say Dial will be the one I purchase next store trip. All my children where able to use this and enjoy the smell. It didn't have any harsh reactions on their skin which is something I worry about. Kevin and I used it daily and personally I love it. I love the smell and feeling that it gives once I use it. Refreshing!!

Would you like to try it? I have a coupon to giveaway to one of my readers! Giveaway ends February 19th.

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