Monday, February 24, 2014

Ostrich Lapbook

When we started school for the new year I made a commitment that I would really try hard to get back in my old groove of allowing the kids to choose a topic to dig into. So this 8 week period Alexis asked to study about Ostriches so the first stop I ever make is at Homeschool Share. They have great resources and free lapbooks!

I have posted many times about Homeschool Share and their Lapbooks so please if you don't know who they are take a few minutes and go enjoy their site here!

Over the course of the unit we learned many different details about an Ostrich such as:

Where they lived

Ostrich classifications 

Facts about the general height, weight and eyes. 

They live in herds and are social animals

They can lay up to 100 eggs per year

An Ostrich can not fly

An Ostrich could kill a Lion with one single kick

Her favorite piece of information she learned and laughed about was that the brain is actually not larger than their eye!

Her finished masterpiece!


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  1. I love the lapbook. And they look like they loved it too. I already visit your blog, but I'm also participating in BYB, so I'm saying hi from there.


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