Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teaching Money The Fun Way

I learned a very long time ago that if I wanted my kids to learn something I was going to have to make it fun! Needless to say sometimes I have failed but sometimes I have succeeded.

Over the years of homeschooling I can't begin to tell you how much time we have spent playing board games, card games, computer games and file folder games just to name a few. I'm sure people walk into my house thinking why are there so many games? But there is a huge reason behind them. 

We learn while we play and have fun!

Almost everyone of my children learned to count money from playing games like:

Grocery store

Monopoly Jr


Several made up games that we play too! 

Grocery store is a favorite they still play! It was a game I made up years ago that we priced items from around the house. We normally put a limit on it such as no more than 15 items. Everyone will go around the house and get toy trucks, soap, can food, stuffed animals, lotion and even books! We bring them to the living room or table and place price tags on them. Then each child takes turn shopping and getting their items and we all take turns checking them out. We have always had fake money to aid in our store!

This has been something that Zachary and I just about do weekly to help with his money skills. He is 9 and does great with identifying the coins but still has some issues with value of the coins. He is getting good at adding the money together to make change and this game has been the reason he has improved!

Monopoly Jr is a favorite and I guess they will always play it. It's a great way to enforce money skills while having fun and playing! Zachary is learning money skills and honestly has practiced a lot from playing Monopoly Jr and having to pay for his homes and make change when we land on his house. 

Payday is a game that my oldest two enjoy. Daddy plays it with them a lot. 

So you can teach important topics in a very fun way without the child really ever realizing "Hey I'm learning!"

It makes memories that I am sure children will always remember. We have had some wonderful moments bonding over our games. I try to make an intentional effort to play a game every other day with my kids. That's just something they enjoy. We've gotten in the habit of learning this way and it just comes natural.

Teaching money can be so difficult but momma's remember if you can make it fun it will come more easily!

It's totally alright to think outside the box and textbook!

Give it a try like I did so many years ago and you will not regret it!



  1. We love using games in our homeschool! Great post!

  2. This is great! I need to archive the monopoly idea for a living math game in the future! We are just now getting into learning about money... Jenn@Teaching2Stinkers

  3. This is a great topic to bring to people's attention! Games are a great way to learn. Much to my surprise, my now 13 year old learned to add playing board games. It wasn't something I set out to teach him. We just played board games frequently. He would roll the dice, count the dots, move ahead said spaces. Then one day with no transition, he says, "I can move 8", without counting the dots. I said, "Whoa, whoa. How do you know that?" He matter-of-factly said, "5 dots and 3 dots make 8 dots." He grew tired of counting the dots, so his brain started memorizing them. I was astounded. Board games can be educational, intentionally and accidentally!

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  4. Both of my children when they were preschoolers loved playing store. It was one of the most fun ways to teach about money. Now, my oldest loves Monopoly, although it's not one of my favorite games just do to time.

    ~A Slice of Homeschool Pie from 100 Challenge (and everywhere I've seen you. :-)).

  5. I am featuring you this week as one of my favorites from last week's Hearts for Home Blog Hop. Come grab an "I''ve been featured button!" :-) :-)

  6. So true how when kids are having fun they forget they are learning, lol!! We play store too and use our make believe cash register!! Thanks for sharing this post!


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