Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 21 & 22

I'm a total slacker, just to go ahead and get that out of the way!

 Been so busy with schooling and work ohh and let me through in snow! I just hadn't had time to do the weekly wrap up on Fridays. My weekends are so busy and I just need to make myself do these on the weekend!

We are moving right along with Mystery of History and yes we are still in love with it. We are loving the extra's that go along with the units. The coloring pages are a huge hit while we are listening to our lessons.

 Kyle and Lexi are working on finishing Geography!

Zachary started his Elephant study this week. Free at Homeschool Share! You all know how I love that site. 

 Alexis started her Ostrich study as well and also free from Homeschool Share! These are just 2 of the books she enjoyed this week.

Birthday party for a cousin, we had a blast and the kids got to climb a huge rock wall. Alexis got to the top and so did Kyle. Kyle loves this type of thing. He has climbed many walls so he actually went up the first one in a few minutes and went on to the next hardest and done great but then he wanted to try the hardest and couldn't go very far at all but hey at least he tried! 

Zachary done awesome! He was so scared and didn't really want to even try! Although he didn't make it to the top he went farther than staying on the ground! Very happy for him and he was proud of himself for trying!

 Then we moved on to swimming inside the Y. It was very fun and guess what it was doing while the kids were swimming inside? Blowing snow outside! 

Took the new to us van back to the dealer for the paint job they promised and this is what we came home in. While over in Asheville we promised to take the kids to Build A Bear and Lexi and Zac both got new friends!

 Lexi named her Ellie.

 After getting in they immediately went out to play! They have missed the snow so much!

 Kevin bought me new scarves while walking around the mall!! I was so excited because I've wanted some but I never buy myself anything but I was kind of wanting these and my love bunny got them for me!

 What better to finish off a cold busy day than some Hot Fudge Cake?

New science experiment on compounds and mixtures! We had several items in bowls like salt, sand, mustard, water and oil. Then the kids had to decide if it was a compound or mixture. Next we labeled it in our Christian Kids Explore Chemistry notebook.

 Russian Time!! We are loving Mango Language! Kyle is walking around talking Russian and Lexi is doing Spanish! I might have a few headaches from this but they are really enjoying the lessons! Review to come soon!

 Kyle started an American Government study this week. He has asked me lots of questions and showed interest in learning more about the government so I got this off amazon and so far we are really liking the layout of the lessons and it is great for his comprehension level.

 Zac's favorite book so far about Elephants but of course it is because Gail Gibbons is my personal favorite kids author anyway! I love any book by her! 

Lexi is almost completely finished with her Ostrich Lapbook already! More pictures about this soon!


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