Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 24

Monday was a hectic day kind! No actual school got completed but we had lots of life lessons.Library, errands and then we treated ourselves to Pizza Hut Book It coupons. Then off to work for this momma.

Mystery of History above & below! 

Zachary writing a story using WriteShop Cards again!

Tuesday we had a fun day of school completed several things and then gave Kyle a surprise we had been waiting on since Christmas. He has been wanting a German Shepherd for several years but for many different reasons it wasn't a good fit. Finally it was so look at Kyle's new buddy ~ Rover. He is only 6 weeks old and so smart and fun! I didn't have to work so I had a great evening with my babies but Kevin has school.

Wednesday was off to the Dr with Lexi. She had a place come up on her hand several weeks ago that we at first thought was just a blister then we thought it was possibly something in her hand like a splinter but then it started getting larger to so we made an appointment for Lexi with her Dr and it turned out to be a wart! So the Dr decided to scrape it and freeze it with nitrogen which was cool for Lexi because we are learning the elements on the periodic table and she was able to talk to the Dr about it! After getting back we started school and had fun. Supper and then church.

Kyle absolutely loves Mango Language - Russian - Review coming soon!

Thursday was the dentist and a fun day with our old friends that we left when we moved. We see each other often but no where near daily like we use too! I miss them like crazy but our time together Thursday was blessed and awesome and I can't wait to do it again! The dental appointment went well because no one had any cavities which always makes me happy! One thing that is going on with Zachary is he is keeping his fingers/finger in his mouth and moving his bottom teeth and making them loose a little and that habit has to stop so we are taking that on as our new challenge!

Friday was school as usual. For the last few weeks we have tried to have a fun day on Friday's and do the things we couldn't get to during our normal routine. This week we worked more on our Unit Studies or Lapbooks and enjoyed a few games. Off to the vet with Rover for his first set of shots and a health check for him too. He weighed 11 lbs 13ozs and for 6 weeks that's a big boy! Kyle loves him so much. He has already done so great with taking him out at 4 am and just showing some responsibility for him. I love that Rover actually already shows that Kyle is his owner even though there are 4 others in the house.  Library visit again because we where in town and Kyle actually requested a few new books (shocker) but let me tell ya, that boy isn't a reader never has been but since he got Rover he has read great books about German Shepherds and training dogs! I love that he is wanting to read about something, its a new thing for Kyle because he has just never showed interest. Who would have thought a puppy would help him read?

AND BIG NEWS ~ Lexi completed Gamma Friday!! 
Very proud of her and she has done great!
Thank you Math U See for all the awesome tools you provide!

Hope everyone else had a great week! 

I had 2 giveaways end this week and thanks for those that entered. I will have 2 more next week: Apologia book & Dial Body Wash Coupon Giveaway!



  1. Love how you keep reusing those WriteShop StoryBuilders, Kayla! They sure do seem to inspire your kiddos. :)

  2. That's a very busy week! You actually just reminded me that I need to make myself a long overdue appointment to the dentist. Ick.

    Anyway, it's really cool that your son is learning Russian! It's my first language, and my husband and I trying to raise our kiddo in a bilingual home. I'm a bit nervous about it though because Russian is a really difficult language to learn. How is your son doing with it?

    PS - I found your blog via BYB,


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