Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 25 { Late }

Hey there friends! Hope your weekend was wonderful! Mine sure was hence the late post!

All last week we enjoyed S N O W!! So we really didn't accomplish much "traditional education" but we sure educated ourselves in a "nontraditional" way all week! We did crack open the books here and there but not in our normal way!

Rover totally enjoyed his first snow. He loved chasing the kids through it and even took a few sled trips with the kids. I got out and played a little with the kids too! Kevin was home so it was a family outing! I will tell on myself - I was doing really good at snowboarding until the snow board decided it wanted to stop and my body wasn't told so I feel flat on my head! I was alright after the fright went away!

Sledding in all our snow brought up we needed some Snow Cream, we hadn't had any in about 2 years so it was a great treat! Recipe will be coming up this week so stay close!

We have been learning about Van Gogh a little and his techniques for art. We decided since Daddy got me some of my favorite flowers for Valentine's Day (TUPLIPS) we would sketch them and do an oil pastel technique like his Sunflowers portrait. I'm going to post a tutorial on our art project this week hopefully too! It was simple, fast and fun so it's my favorite!

Last picture to share with you guys is poor Rover missing the kids playing in the snow! I loved this picture, it's so sweet!

Glad all the snow has decided to melt away. Our weather is suppose to be awesome this week and so far today we have had a great time in schooling. As normal anytime we have a break from our normal routine the first day enforcing it can be a challenge however we are still doing good for our Monday!

Hope you have a great week and please don't forget to enter the Dial Vitamin Boost Coupon Giveaway it ends tomorrow!!