Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 26 - No Pictures!!??

Well this week was chaos. Normally I have pictures to help me remember and show off what we did but this week Lexi got a hold of my camera yesterday and accidentally deleted what I had on it!  

Trojan War Legends, Nuns & Lewis and Clark are all topics we touched on.

Protons, Neutrons and Atoms oh my..............

We had went to visit my great aunt that is dying. It was wonderful to get to see her a little more. She was always a talker, joker and prankster but she just was so different this time. Pray for her please. She is my grandmother's twin sister and I ask that you not only remember one of them but both. My children and I then enjoyed a nice lunch together, laughing and spending quality time together.

Kevin was off and we where able to travel and get my van back from the paint shop! Man it looked brand new and I just love it. Auto Advantage in Hendersonville is wonderful. Then we ate at our favorite restaurant and the kids had coupons for Build A Bear so we visited the mall. Lexi and I went into Justice and found some really great and cute things for summer. We also went to Target to get Lexi's new bedding for her room! She loved the turquoise comforter even more in person.

Schooling like a mad woman... We hit just about everything you could imagine. Ruth & Naomi, Mozart, Nevada and fractions... Just to name a few highlights!

Since I had no pictures to share of my family this week because of our little mishap, Here is what is on my heart right now...




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  1. sounds like a busy week!!
    I will pray for your grandmother, her sister and your family. That is hard.


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