Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Building Up Your Children

If you don't build your children up the world will knock them down.

That was a line I read in a book last week and wow did it hit home.

 I don't know about you but I don't want that. People are harsh and this world is hard, I know I can't shield my children from everything bad that will ever happen but I can be their safe place and so can you!

Encouragement is something I need so why is it that I haven't thought much about my children needing it?

I know that I tell them good job, you can do it and awesome try often but what about going deeper than that.

What about teaching them in a firm foundation so when trouble and hurt comes they will come to you their safe place. Here are some ways to instill a good foundation to show your children your there for them no matter what. 

Pray for them, even with them. They need to know our God and Savior.

Give kisses and hugs often and lots of them.

Teach them to cook and clean it helps with responsibility.

Play with your children it creates a great bond.

Speak of people in good ways, don't let your children hear you talk down about others.

Let your children cry. Emotions are good.

Show your children love is unconditional.

Teach your children to think before they speak, it will save them a lot of trouble.

Let your children help others. Children have a servants heart naturally - Don't kill it.

Show your children mercy & grace after all - we all  need it!



  1. Love this!! Our children are a blessing that we need to show apperication for. They deserve our love, and kindness. Blessings to your family they are all handsome, and beautiful!

  2. Words of encouragement are such an important thing for everyone :) It is so easy to get hung up on the things they do not get right. Thank you for the encouragement

    I love your signature it made me smile (my husband is a zookeeper in real life :))

  3. I read this with mixed opinions... does one need to build up their children yes. But one also needs to balance that with ...humility. How to do that... sometimes it's a fine line.


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