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Egglo Entertainment { Review }

Easter celebrations are coming soon! Well we have just the thing for you to make it memorable and different!

Glow in the Dark ?? YES!! 

Egglo Entertainment was started by a mom just like you and me, Darcie. She wanted to teach her children and the children at her local church about Jesus and Easter and what a unique way she came up with doing so! Dacie and another mom held a night egg hunt and saw the need for glow in the dark eggs. Egglo was born at that moment. 

Here is what my family received from Egglo Entertainment:

12 Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($11.99)

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure ($12.99)

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (book audio download) ($2.99)

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29)

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide ($14.99)

This product is recommended for ages 4 - 13.

My children are ages 13, 10 & 9 so all of my children where within the recommended ages and we enjoyed many components of this program! So let me get started explaining it to you!

The set of a dozen Egglo Eggs we received where awesome, my kids where so excited for this product. We had a little trouble getting them to fit together but plastic eggs are just difficult sometimes. The eggs are pink, blue, yellow and green. Some of the eggs have a cross on them and some do not. To use the eggs you must charge them with sun light, flashlight or black light. We just placed them outside during the sun light most days but we noticed in our several days of playing with them that we had to make sure if outside we were on the other end of our home because we have an outside light and the eggs would not glow. If inside the house we had to make sure it was completely dark as well. I was at first a little concerned with the charge the eggs would keep but over all we were able to still see the eggs. Some nights the charge wasn't very good but we still enjoyed playing with them and for the most part could see a glow even if it wasn't strong. 

 The concept of showing the light of Jesus in the dark was just a great way to incorporate this into Easter! I loved the idea and concept of this product.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book is beautiful. The book is 38 pages long and has a great story within. We actually used the book download here with the book simply because the Adventure book is very long for my smallest to set through and I thought having the audio read it for us and us follow through it with our book would work better for Zachary. It is suggested that you could also break it down into sections but luckily this worked wonderful for my kids. My children enjoyed the adventure/journey aspect of the book. My children loved the clues and volcano and that they had the scrolls that were used from within the book! I personally loved how the book ended with the children's adventure ending with them finding the greatest treasure eternally life through Jesus.

Now I mentioned above that my kids loved seeing the characters in the story use the same scrolls they had which are the Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls! These scrolls are small soft plastic reusable scriptures that can be unfolded and used over and over again. These scriptures are so small they can fit inside the eggs for an extra surprise, which is how we used them several times. My children enjoyed opening them and reading the scripture during our Bible Devotion time some days too.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide is extremely helpful. This guide provides helpful advice on decorating, snacks, story options, game ideas and much more. I printed some of the coloring pages off for my kids and over the few weeks we have reviewed this they have colored some of them!

Over all this curriculum is fun and very easy to use! I love that it shows the light of my Jesus to my children in a different and unique way. I plan on using this again with my nieces at Easter they are 5 & 6 and I know they will love these!

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