Monday, March 17, 2014


Grief is something that my family has had the pleasure of not experiencing. The entirety of our marriage we have only lost 1 family member until Wednesday and we lost 2 within 24 hours.

My blog hasn't been busy this week and that is the reason why. I update my blog to my readers tonight so you can pray for my family & friends.

Kevin's grandfather was a great God fearing man and he will be missed greatly by a very large and loving family. This was his last grandparent so it was a little harder than normal.

My great aunt was a prankster that was always beautiful inside and out and I will miss her personality. Pray for her family and specially lift up my grandmother in your prayers. They were twins and this is proving to be very difficult. 

Tonight I come in from work and find a special woman from our church has passed. I truly loved her and my family had a special bond with her. I will miss her smiling face and sweet words she spoke.


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