Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 27

This week we enjoyed great weather it really put us in the "SPRING FEVER" mood!

It was so pretty that I was finally able to jerk Lexi's dresser out of her room and paint it white! This is a project I've been needing to do for about a year but just was waiting on the right time and Monday was that time! 

We finished a great book this week that went with our Road Trip USA unit, If you traveled west in a covered wagon. We learned so much from this book! Short cuts that the pioneers learned while traveling and it was just simply awesome my kids really loved this book! We are actually going to finish that unit completely next week. Lexi has actually asked if we could start back over!! Yikes. It took us so long to complete it one time I don't know just yet if I want to tackle it again. We will see.

We started unit 2 in Chemistry!!!  I can't believe it but we are really learning and doing a lot in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. See we absolutely loved Biology and I haven't changed my mind on the curriculum being great yet! We built an Atomic Model this week.

More Mystery of History figures added to our timeline. We actually just finished Unit 1 and completed our large unit review for all 27 lessons. Kids really love this and I have to say I enjoy it too, I've learned a lot! 

Mango Language is a review item I will be posting next week but I wanted to say Kyle and Lexi are really loving learning a new way to speak! 

Got a new tag for my van and I must say I love it - It came out perfect.

We done a little art project this week about Robert Frost.

Lexi and I got a little alone time this week and guess what we did??? Girl stuff...

Hope you had a great weekend!! 


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