Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 28

This week was a really great week - I feel like I have finally gotten into a groove from working outside the home.

School as usual all week except Friday. Kevin was home and we had icy/snowy weather and was very lazy and enjoyed watching movies!

Wednesday we had a horrible accident. We was leaving to take Rover to the vet and I ran over Otis. It was a horrible mistake. He never gets around my car. We don't really understand why he was under and didn't move when I started it. We had a horrible day because of this Wednesday. If you have read the blog for a while these are the babies we fostered at only 3 days old and had to feed every 3 hours, they just turned 1! 

We will miss our little Ottie Bear...

Rover weighted 22 lbs at his 10 week check!

We completed Road Trip USA!! In celebration Tuesday night we stopped and let the kids pick any candy they wanted. Candy isn't something we are huge fans of and we never go out of our way to buy it so this was a special treat for completion of a unit and for the hard work they have put into the study and learning. Sense of accomplishment means a lot!

Chemistry is still teaching us Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. We learned a lot more about the topic this week with some fun hands on labs! We made Atomic Cookies!! We used several different elements to base our cookies off of.

Mystery of History has come along great too! We started in our 2nd Quarter this week!! Samson was the first lesson we done this week and discovered the laws of his people that he actually broke. We illustrated the laws and colored our coloring page that went with this lesson.

We done a little drawing Wednesday and since Spring is in the air we decided on insects. 

Friday, Kevin finally found Lexi a Venus Fly Trap. She has asked for one since last year but we couldn't find one. We actually recorded Kevin killing a fly to feed it. It was really neat and I will post that this week. Lexi had me get on the library site and hold her several books so she could read more about this plant. Learning at its finest!


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