Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry - Atomic Cookies {YUM}

We have been using Christian Kids Explore Series for the last few years. This is something that has become a favorite in my teaching and the kids learning. I love the simple way these lessons are taught.

This year we are working our way through Chemistry! 

This curriculum has a lot of hands on approaches in teaching the concepts so they stick for your kids.

When it came to Atomic Numbers we made Atomic Cookies! 

What a great way to teach about protons, neutrons and electrons in an element!

We learned about electrical charge and balance and learned how in each element they must be balanced.

The models of the elements in cookies made it really jump out to my kids. Not only was it fun for them but then after they cooked they had a great fun treat.

After the cookies cooled and they wanted to eat them I made them identify the cookie before they could eat it! 

I love fun teaching and I love it when my kids enjoy learning.


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