Monday, April 14, 2014

Great New Books for Boys

For years I have tried almost everything and anything possible to get Kyle into reading. I know we homeschool and most people think that because of that my children just love to read. Well that's just not true in Kyle's case. He hates to read actually and only a hand full of times through the years have we found things that have been of interest to him. 


However a few weeks ago we went to Gullion's to do some homeschool shopping. While I shop the kids sit in a small area and usually watch a movie they have playing or look around and get items to look at too. On this particular day Kyle didn't bother me at all the entire 45 minutes I was in the store. I kept an eye on him seeing that he was focusing on a book... Yes a book! I left him alone and actually spent more time in the store simply because he was reading. 

When he was finished he came over to me and said "Mom I just read this great book!" I was in shock and was completely happy. He had read "Can You Survive in the Special Forces?" So immediately I started asking him questions about the book and about his interest in them. He said "Mom I can read it several more times too!"

I was totally focused on him at this point just happy that he had found something he was interested in. Reading comes hard to Kyle which is one reason he just doesn't enjoy reading. His Auditory Processing Disorder makes it difficult for him sometimes too.

After talking to him about it I ended up buying 2 books that day. I have to be completely honest, It about killed me to buy brand new books for $6.95 simply because we always buy second hand books but it was so worth every penny if he would read them.

He chose:
Can You Survive The Desert? 
 Can You Survive The Wilderness?

Each book has 
3 story paths
45 choices
17 endings

Both books he picked had 112 pages in them and are for ages 4-6. The reading level is 3/4 but honestly that didn't matter to me at all. The books are very easy for him and I know that he is capable of more but this wasn't my point in getting these books at all. I wanted him to enjoy reading for once.

He has read these books almost 10 times choosing different paths and endings and has really had a blast with them. I will be buying more within the week because I promised him if he enjoyed these books and would actually read them I would buy them until we had the set... Little did I know there are tons of them!

They have History books with topics like:

WW 2 Spies: Interactive History Adventure
The Revolutionary War: Interactive History Adventure

So he wants next:

WW 2 Pilots: Interactive History Adventure
Can You Survive Being Lost At Sea?

The books are published by Capstone Press and written by Matt Doeden.

This isn't a sponsored post or review. This is a simple act of happiness from one mother to another! Hopefully your children would enjoy these too!



  1. Thank you for this awesome book idea! I loved the old time pick your own adventure books and am excited to see more of them out there that are realistically geared.

  2. thank you for this. I will have to see if I can find them somewhere. They sound great for my lad. (annette @ A net in time).

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