Friday, April 25, 2014

Hands On Science: Venus Fly Trap { homemade video included }

Lexi has been asking for a Venus Fly Trap for over a year however we haven't been able to find one at all. A few weeks ago Kevin was shopping in Lowes and guess what he spotted?? 


He purchased it and surprised her with it that night. She loves it. It is actually doing really well for us. We keep it very most and try to feed it when we can. 

She requested several books from the library and read all about it that first few weeks.

Here are some facts she has learned:

It eats flies

It likes to grow in bad dirt and moss

It has triggers like hair that are sensors

It will rot if it swallows anything large

It will close during raining to get water

There are over 50 different kinds of Fly Traps

Some of the larger Fly Traps can eat a mouse

It's Endangered here in North Carolina where it is native

I'd like to add that this is why I love teaching my children. I can allow neat interests to open for them. Homeschooling is very difficult sometimes but others it just is easy.

This video is the night Kevin brought the plant home for her. I had just gotten in from work and we played around with the Venus Fly Trap.

If you watch it you will see how it closes and how it gets triggered. Enjoy our homemade video and our country accents (sorry but we get comments all the time about it).


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