Thursday, May 29, 2014

BiC Craft Your Space Challenge

April was craft month and sometimes I am a crafter and sometimes I am not! The month of April proved to be a very hard month so I am getting this review promotion post up late but I am thankful to the awesome people at BiC for being understanding with my tardiness! 

Bic provided me with 2 wonderful packages of markers but not just any markers, COOL markers! These ultra fine and fine permanent markers are really awesome. My daughter got into the packages as soon as they arrived just doodling on cardstock! I must also add that the durable case they come in is a great storage case to keep them in too!

The challenge was to craft your space with organization with these markers and at first I was pretty stumped. I was thinking oh no what in the world can I do with them. I am a very organized person sometimes you wouldn't think so if you looked at my desk but at that time I prefer to say it is an organized mess!

Upon thinking and trying to come up with something to help me with an actual issue that we have within our home I thought up a great idea for all the cups my family goes through daily. I ran to the closest ReStore because they always have small tiles and this is what we did as a family to organize my kitchen cabinet and to help with all the cups all over the kitchen! 

Now to re-cap just get some awesome BiC Ultra Fine & Fine permanent markers and some tiles that you like and decorate! Once the kids and I finished our tiles we let them dry for a day once they where dry I applied a coat of poly just so that the ink would for sure stay if the tiles got wet.  

The tiles are now in their new home beside the microwave housing everyone's cups for the day! This has totally helped so far with our cup issue. With 5 people in our home it was difficult to keep up with this seemingly small issue but it resulted in a lot of washed cups! 

Challenge Complete!


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